“I’m curious about how to protect and utilize historical heritages.”

Yi Xiao participated in old town restoration planning programs in Beijing.

I’m originally from Chongqing, China, which is a waterside-mountainous city. Because of its complex geographical environment, my hometown firstly aroused my interest in the field of architecture. I was attracted by different forms of architectures, the unique urban tissue, the relationship between nature environment and built environment, and the interaction between humans and cities.


So, I chose urban planning as my undergraduate major and completed my undergraduate degree in Beijing, China. During my five years studying in Beijing, I participated in three old town restoration planning programs. Through these programs, I learned about the importance and urgency of protecting architectural heritage, and also about the shortcoming of heritage conservation in China.


After touching on knowledge about protecting historical buildings, I’m even more curious about how to protect and utilize historical heritages and what are the roles of governments, communities and individuals in the conservation process. I want to learn more about heritage conservation and enrich myself in the USC School of Architecture.