The “Fuzziness”

Yvonne Fu, B.Arch '22

  • FA.20
  • Level: undergraduate
  • Discipline: Architecture
  • Instructor: Yaohua Wang

Located at the corner of 154th St and Arlington Terrace, Queens, New York, the site is filled with typical box-shape residential units. The clear division between these box units not only conveys a sense of individuality and distance, but could also insinuates and further constructs social issues, hierarchy, and ideology in certain degree. The project reconsiders and reconstructs the relationship between typical residential units by introducing the idea of fuzziness. Through the use of a continuous and irregular set of dots and lines elements, the typical clear division between building footprints and lot lines is fuzzed and assembles into a larger whole. The sense of individuality of units disappears within the larger whole, and strong elements are delineated in the softness, which contributes to a new dwelling typology that suggests the ideas of open, neutral, and continuous.