Santa Maria del Fiore Observatory

Yizhi Hu

  • SP.17
  • Level: graduate
  • Discipline: Architecture
  • Program: M.Arch +2
  • Instructor: Yaohua Wang

The spirit of the craftsmen in the pilgrimage of the construction has not been seen in most contemporary architects. For their own protection and awareness of efficiency are two important reasons of the mediocrity industrial revolution. The new building structure, which was born shortly after the fire in Chicago, was unrestricted as an infinitely high program and being utilized limitlessly during the process of the modernist architectural revolution. It spreads like cancer, defines the picture of the global architecture. Only a small number of architects are obsessed with the exploration of the new structure, but only at a relatively small scale, in the huge economic system is extremely insignificant. However, it is only in the special context of the Renaissance that it is possible to give birth to the 'wallfacer architects' as described in the three-body fiction, with the support of the whole community and the large amount of resources that can be mobilized so that gives the feasibility of those remarkable edifices. Medieval Europe, before the formation of architectural disciplines, goldsmiths to become the most qualified to play the occupation of the architect, the bidding process for the project is a bronze sculpting in regards of exquisite degree of decoration. It is difficult to imagine how the ability of the architects who are chosen is capable of doing the job in a modern way, but it is how they created historic symbols.