Crenshaw's Saffron Center

Tristan Linder

  • SP.24
  • Level: undergraduate
  • Discipline: Architecture
  • Instructor: Lauren Dandridge

Given the existing lighting conditions for much of the South LA portion of Crenshaw, Crenshaw's Saffron Center themed lighting for Sankofa park offers a visible respite from the cooler and brighter surrounding areas. To promote a place of rest as well as activation, the lighting from the outside of the park is cooler and gradually transitions to warmer and dimmer. Wayfinding and texture are introduced to balance out safety concerns with nighttime aesthetics. Suggested lighting patterns and installations allow for the park to remain the focus of the project with lighting supporting the design language established by the architect and landscape architect. Considerations for dark sky, equity and code, were successfully integrated into the warm yolk-like design while maintaining the presence of the public art at night.