Fugitive Dust: Airborne Landscape of the San Joaquin Valley

Sarah Swanseen

  • FA.18
  • Level: graduate
  • Discipline: Landscape Architecture

Fugitive dust is an environmental air quality term that refers to small, often microscopic soil particles suspended in the air. As a result of continued large-scale agribusiness in the semi-arid San Joaquin Valley and the subsequent depletion and disturbance of soils, fugitive dust is an omnipresent part of this landscape. As an ongoing part of my thesis research, this project is examining the phenomenon of fugitive dust as an active agent within the landscape that reacts to and works with other material cycles and production systems of the SJV. I am proposing a potential intervention that leverages the potential of both existing and projected material relationships to utilize fugitive dust as an actant. Through this way of framing dust as an active landscape material it can be leveraged as creative entity.

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