Louis Vuitton Foundation by Frank Gehry

Sarah Sager

  • SP.19
  • Level: graduate
  • Discipline: Architecture
  • Program: M.Arch +3
  • Instructor: Wes Jones

My main approach was to develop a simple ‘move and rotate’ motion that can transform the sails from their fixed status to a more fluid one. The sails moved mainly in two scales: a small one that affects each individual glass panel and a bigger scale movement that affects the entire sail as a whole. The new movements challenged the form of the building and how it interacts with the surrounding landscape. Due to that I felt a need to change the landscape layout and open up the water garden below to nest the moving sails and further interact with its movement. 

In the end, what I aimed to achieve is a set of different transformations that would enable the building to morph and communicate a sense of fluidity that can hopefully further elaborate and provoke Gehry’s idea of material identity and limitations.