An Architecture of Architectures

Samuel Cruz

  • SP.19
  • Level: undergraduate
  • Discipline: Architecture
  • Instructor: Hadrian Predock

An Architecture of Architectures is an office that aims to explore the muting—or flattening—of all the intricate components that work together to make one large system. We would argue that the true power of an architecture of systems and networks comes from its ability to subdue all its mechanisms and flatten itself into one cohesive whole, while still invoking countless interpretations. Our first exhibition, titled Flatopia, vehemently explores the creation of architecture through the distillation and abstraction of existing networks and systems, both material and immaterial, found in everyday life from four categories: infrastructure, social spaces, landscape, and urbanity. While our practice is mesmerized by these systems and their self-sustaining capabilities, we wonder whether we should we be afraid or let ourselves be consumed and become part of Flatopia.