Rebecca Kosar

  • SP.18
  • Level: undergraduate
  • Discipline: Architecture

This project derived from a bowstring truss transformation. An initial analysis reveals that the structure does not facilitate natural light; therefore, I explored the rotation of the truss and the connection of the roof joists to create oculi. Further transforming the linearity of the structure, I created a splinal beam that curves around controlled programmatic circles. Adding curvature in plan and section changes the spans of the trusses more dynamically. The curvature of the structure, along with a standard height to width ratio, resulted in a gradually undulating and rotating roof scape. Due to the driving circular geometry, I referenced the Aldo Van Eyck Pavilion. The interior walls align with the structural grid and project the geometry of the spline into the occupied space which then facilitates a linear programmatic distribution. This draws the connection between the exterior, structure, and interior and displays how the structure manipulates every component of the design. As a building placed in the Los Angeles Arts District, I proposed to redefine the typically found material and density concepts by reversing the opaque mural street facades with the transparent perception of interior fluidity -- making the roof a canvas for the art of any local artist. Due to the roof curvature, I referenced the Santa Caterina Market ceramic tiles; however, I found that shingles are more flexible and forgiving of the form.