Exploration of Flexible Education Spaces: An Introduction to "the Fort"

Lea Romano, BSAS ’21

  • SP.20
  • Level: undergraduate
  • Discipline: Architecture
  • Instructor: Scott Uriu

In Project 2, I investigated the concept of creating various educational spaces with a single structure, as I refer to as “the fort.” Expanding this idea in Project 3, the domestic shaped glass structure physically moves throughout the existing warehouse to form three different learning spaces for the young students. During these physical transitions, the forts “lock” into their designated phases by the usage of visual cues of the domestic shape. This can be seen in the dematerialization of the brick, cut-outs of the light wells, and removal of the grid from the waffle grid. Extending visual cues on to the ground, a super graphic acts as a step by step guide representing how the forts are transitioning throughout the building.

See more at: https://expo.uscarch.com/undergraduate-expo/exploration-of-flexible-education-spaces-an-introduction-to-the-fort/