Life is Movement

Jingyi Wang

  • FA.19
  • Level: graduate
  • Discipline: Landscape Architecture
  • Program: MLA +3
  • Instructor: Jennifer Toy

We want to spread the theory of Just City in Los Angeles after finding examples of injustice in SLA and SELA. The Los Angeles Olympic Games in 2028 offer an opportunity to improve the health of SLA and SELA neighborhoods. This project uses the land under the power line in the SLA and SELA areas to build sufficient sports fields, healthcare facilities, relaxing parks, and supermarkets for fresh fruits and vegetables for the neighborhoods. The node next to Ninety-Sixth Street Elementary School has been designed in detail as an example. We can see a group of low-rise buildings that provide a healthy lifestyle for the neighborhoods, a square for community activities surrounded by the school buildings and those low-rise buildings, and sports fields in proximity.