Infrastructural Gateways + High-Flow Channels

Jared Edgar McKnight

  • FA.19
  • Level: graduate
  • Discipline: Landscape Architecture
  • Instructor: Jessica Henson

With over 4.2 miles of channelized river systems flowing across Canoga Park, this vast and divisive network severely isolates the local community. To increase permeability over and along the channels, a framework of "Infrastructural Gateways" and sectional interventions re-envisions our moments of interface with the channels. While low-flow channels serve to convey water, “high-flow” channels are conceived to enhance the flows of both people and water at the headwaters of the LA River. Working beyond the freeboard, to maintain the channelized infrastructure's capacity for flood control, the inaccessible right-of-ways adjacent to the channels are redesigned as a linear urban park that is as much about an interconnected and infrastructural system as the river's edge that it seeks to reclaim.