Marshall School of Business DTLA: Extension

Jack Stewart-Castner

  • SP.17
  • Level: graduate
  • Discipline: Architecture
  • Instructor: John Dutton

Situated in the heart of the theater district of downtown Los Angeles, this project proposes a solution to bridge the newly inserted business school to the existing urban fabric. This is achieved by focusing on the creation of a vertical urban campus, defined by a disintegrated urban border and highlighted public open spaces. Programmatic divisions are created between the two building masses that allow the public and private spaces to coexist without interjection from their counterparts. Verticality is emphasized through a monumental staircase which cuts through the center of the site, separating the building in plan and section. The spaces formed by the stairway are used as opportunities to bridge between program areas. The often-underutilized spaces below a staircase are heightened in purpose, holding the key role of connecting programs and users.