Grace Kim

  • SP.19
  • Level: undergraduate
  • Discipline: Architecture
  • Instructor: Erin Kasimow

FEED reflects the modern ritual of “the camera eats first.” Photographing food for social media is a manner of consumption that in today’s age often triumphs over physical eating. This behavior declares style to be more delicious than the food itself; image is more valuable than truth. It’s fueled by a desire to curate one’s self-image and social estimation, bringing out a level of selfishness that is socially accepted by most (however frowned upon by our grandparents). FEED is a meal contraption that displays how extreme the behavior of meal photography can be and how food in the modern age is taking shape to be, first and foremost, a visual prop within a constructed environment. Through satirical performance and camp aesthetic, FEED produces exaggerated and elevated images of any food.