The Access Tower

Erick Reyes, B.Arch ’20

  • SP.20
  • Level: undergraduate
  • Discipline: Architecture
  • Instructor: Andy Ku

My project involves the relationship between housing and the market by demonstrating how they benefit one another through accessibility, thus creating a tower that is constructed through intersected geometric forms that assimilates and disseminates culture in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. Accessibility is presented through circulation and placement that is conveyed throughout the drawings. I first began studying a variety of precedents that involved a variety of typologies of unconventional housing units between the U.S and Japan, while also looking at how advertisements are utilized between both countries through the use of neon lights. These studies where a catalyst for a variety of primitive studies that assimilates conventional organization products, like a pencil organizer, into potential spaces for housing and market that crafted this accessible tower for residents.

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