Chris Behling

  • SP.17
  • Level: undergraduate
  • Discipline: Architecture

An·thro·po·cene Noun 1. The geological age during which mankind was the dominant force on Earth. 2. The age when humanity departed Earth. Anthropocenia, my Degree Project at the USC School of Architecture and recipient of the Raymond S. Kennedy Award for Innovative Perspectives, is a collection of wondrous curiosities that provide insight into the daily experiences of our earthly ancestors. The museum derives its name from "Anthropocene," a proposed label for our current geological era, characterized by humanity having a significant impact on the planet. The term is used retrospectively, defined within the project as "the era when mankind departed Earth." Instead of cataloging important names and events, as one might expect from such a museum, Anthropocenia attempts to reconstruct seemingly mundane activities like sleeping and waiting in line. It is set in a distant future where humans are dispersed throughout the galaxy and have tried to preserve the few things they remember from their lost home.