Vers Une Rampe

Benjamin Lin

  • SP.18
  • Level: graduate
  • Discipline: Architecture
  • Program: M.Arch +3
  • Instructor: Wes Jones

Vers Une Rampe, or Towards a New Ramp, challenges the S ramp of the Carpenter Center of Visual Arts located on the Harvard Campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts, designed by Le Corbusier.

A building-ramp hybrid study was conducted to first speculate on the relationship between ramp, building, program and circulation. Whether the ramp is a Mobius loop, a landscape, a grand entrance, a spiral, or a ramp collage, Lin created a categorization of ramps that further exemplifies the typologies of ramp buildings as well as the progression of their happy integration.

In designing towards a new ramp (Vers Une Rampe), he first analyzed the components of the CCVA and treated them as my still live objects. The thesis critically examined the site to see potential site integration with its neighbors; the Fogg Art museum to the left and the Harvard Faculty Club on the right.

After iterating, the final massing is a dissociative identity between ramp and building. The hierarchy is now blurred between the entities in a way that generates programmatic use, happy accidents, as well as seamless circulation through the site on and off the building. As originally envisioned by the architect, the direct literal connection to the Harvard yard from the Carpenter Center is also revived in the new ramp.