The Healing Campus

Ashrita Hegde

  • FA.20
  • Level: graduate
  • Discipline: Architecture
  • Program: M.Arch +2
  • Instructor: Victor Regnier

This project creates a campus of buildings that supports the healthy living needs of a south-central neighborhood. It begins by reinforcing the existing civic nature of the neighborhood, through the introduction of an outpatient clinic, a nursing center and homeless housing for the 55+ population. These buildings wrap around a central cluster of gardens that introduce activities and programs. The gardens emphasize physical and mental healing, relaxation through sensory stimulation, exercise through a system of walking pathways and satisfy the need for nutritious foods through a farmer’s market.

The project creates a healthy core to an anonymous urban space by coupling the 3-building complex with an adjacent highly regarding high school (Thomas Jefferson) and an 11-acre regional recreation amenity (Snyder Recreational Center). It also consolidates the existing neighborhood’s distinctive buildings and landscapes into a more significant neighborhood-based center that creates a nexus for future development. Street improvements including a double alley of trees along 41st street and additional seating add comfort while activating the surroundings, making them more pedestrian friendly. Viewpoints into and beyond the neighborhood connect it securely with the surrounding context. Finally, it provides needed care and assistance to the people living here.