Mercado la Paloma 2.0

Aaron Chang

  • SP.24
  • Level: undergraduate
  • Discipline: Architecture
  • Instructor: Lauren Dandridge

In ARCH 102b's final project, students will design an expansion of the Mercado La Paloma located at 3655 S. Grand Ave. Throughout the course, we have explored different design approaches, including a rule-based approach in Project 1 and a thorough analysis of the project site in Project 2. For this final project, we will expand on the 3D massing studies conducted in Project 2, integrating the formal explorations from Project 1 and taking into account programmatic and contextual features analyzed throughout the course.

As Charles Jencks notes in The Iconic Building: The Power of Enigma, a 'successful' icon relies on enigmatic signifiers and multiple metaphors encoded into the image. While the formal explorations in Project 1 lacked this enigmatic quality, we aim to address this in the final project by combining the formal and programmatic analyses to create a market space that functions as a successful icon and addresses the public realm.