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Founded in 1958, the USC Architectural Guild serves as a support group for the School of Architecture by forming a unique link between students, alumni and faculty at the School of Architecture and the professional community. The Guild has provided countless hours and significant financial support to the School throughout its history, making a direct impact on students’ lives and the design/build industry overall.

Members of the Guild are leaders in the architecture, design, construction, engineering, finance and real estate development industries. As a result of the generous support of members and donors, the Guild is able to support a number of educational, networking and career development resources for students, preparing them for their professional careers. 

GUILD-RUN PROGRAMS & EVENTS: Annual Dinner, Student Programs & Support, Golf Tournament

USC Architectural Guild Mission

We are a diverse group of industry leaders who desire to give back and provide industry knowledge, networking support, and fundraising assistance to advance the School’s Mission through:

  • Mentorship, professional development and career services
  • Materials and technology support,
  • Global study fellowships.

The mission and purpose of this all-volunteer support group, is to:

  • Enhance the student experience on campus
  • Inspire and motivate the students on their education journey and career aspirations.
  • Build and foster a close community linking the School and Students with the profession
  • Advocate for the Dean’s vision of Citizen-Architect
Board Members

USC Architectural Guild Board of Directors 2020-21

Executive Committee 


Milton S. F. Curry

Della & Harry MacDonald Dean’s Chair


Gary Brennen

Syska Hennessy Group


Amy Pokawatana 00

Hudson Pacific Properties


Jenna Knudsen 97

CO Architects


Leslie Young 95

IBI Group

Board Members


James House ’80

House & Robertson Architects, Inc.

Steve Pellegren


Annmarie Plenge



Ron Elazar

Morley Builders

Roger Fricke

Clark Construction

David Huchteman

AC Martin

Bee Rarewala ’00


Dan Stafford ’89

MATT Construction


Gabrielle Bullock

Perkins + Will

Allen Escobedo ’99 MS ’00


Krystal Hamner ’92

BArch Builder Architects

Diana Tang ’09

HKS Architects, Inc.

Parent Representative

Ani Avanessian

Warmington Homes

Faculty Representative

Doris Sung

USC School of Architecture

Recent Graduate Representative

Brendan Kempf ’14


Graduate Student Representative

Victoria “Vicky” Dam ’21

Undergraduate Student Representative

Abriannah Aiken ’21

Past Presidents

2019-2020: Leslie Young

2018-2019: Chuck Whitaker

2017–2018: Steve Luchetta

2016–2017: Michael Marquez, AIA

2015–2016: Daun St. Amand, AIA

2014–2015: Martha L. Ball, FAIA

2013–2014: Reza Safavi, AIA

2012–2013: Jon Mills, AIA

2011–2012: Mark R. Nay, AIA

2010–2011: Walter Cousineau

2009–2010: Cory Ticktin, AIA

2008–2009: Robert Newsom, FAIA

2007–2008: Bob Murrin, FAIA

2006–2007: David W. Cocke, S.E.

2005–2006: Thomas Wulf

2004–2005: G. Michael Gehring, FAIA

2003–2004: John R. Conaty

2002–2003: Michael White, AIA

2001–2002: R. Doss Mabe, FAIA

2000–2001: Richard C. Baptie

1999–2000: Martha Welborne, FAIA

1998–1999: Grant Kirkpatrick, AIA

1997–1998: Charles Muttillo

1996–1997: Sharlene Silverman Lyon

1995–1996: Douglas Gardner, AIA

1994–1995: Christopher Durkee

1993–1994: Patricia Ford

1992–1993: C. Terry Dooley

1991–1992: Michael O’Sullivan

1990–1991: Virginia Tanzmann, FAIA

1989–1990: Gary McCormick

1988–1989: Arthur Golding, FAIA

1987–1988: Michael Sanchez

1986–1987: Lance Bird, FAIA

1985–1986: Ronald Altoon, FAIA

1984–1985: David Travers

1983–1984: George Hayakawa

1982–1983: Howard C. Smith

1981–1982: Harlan H. Pedersen, AIA

1980–1981: Robert A. Reed, AIA

1979–1980: Emmet L. Wemple, FASLA

1978–1979: Thomas B. Moon, FAIA

1977–1978: John R. Campbell, AIA

1976–1977: Harry B. Wilson

1975–1976: Robert Bolling, FAIA

1974–1975: Dorian Hunter, AIA

1973–1974: Tom Sutton

1972–1973: Richard Dorman, AIA

1971–1972: Gin Wong, FAIA

1970–1971: Charles Fry

1969–1970: Robert Faxon

1968–1969: Stephen Stepanian

1967–1968: Herman O. Ruhnau

1966–1967: Lee B. Kline, FAIA

1965–1966: Robert Field, AIA

1964–1965: Henry Silvestri

1963–1964: Clinton Ternstrom

1962–1963: Rowland Crawford

1961–1962: Frank Gruys

1960–1961: Whiting Thompson

Member Testimonials

The School continues to redefine what architecture is and means. The Architectural Guild provides a pulse check on the industry critical to moving forward the way we think and teach about design.

  • Thom Mayne ‘69, AIA, Pritzker Prize Laureate
  • Founder, Morphosis

The student body has evolved since I walked the halls of USC Architecture. I am proud to support the Guild and its efforts in helping the School meet emerging needs and challenges, building up the next generation of architectural influencers, and striving to create opportunities for all.

Tammy Jow ’95, LEED AP

Principal, AC Martin

The USC Architectural Guild provides the bridge for the building and design community to support and inspire the next generation of great architects. 

Steve Matt

Chairman & CEO, MATT Construction