Traveling Fellowships have been established at the USC School of Architecture to provide undergraduate and graduate students opportunities to study globally to further their studies and research of architecture and the built environment.


In 500 words, please describe why you want to travel to your destination(s).

Estimate major expenses including transportation, housing, food, local transportation, research costs, etc.

Include estimated date of departure, estimated length of stay at destination(s), and estimated date of return. If your project will require more than one travel destination, please expand the timeline to include all segments of your travel. You may include your timeline as part of a project description file.

Traveling Fellowship funds are currently disbursed as travel support funds and do not impact financial aid. However, the University of Southern California may change the Traveling Fellowship from travel support to scholarship funds at any given time requiring the Traveling Fellowship funds to be disbursed as a scholarship. Scholarship funds are processed through the University of Southern California's financial aid division and may affect a student's financial aid package.

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