The work of our practice ranges from small scale immersive installations to large public venues. This forms a broad field of inquiry into which we dive head first.  Vested in a version of research and process that focuses on the transfer of morphologies, and material conditions from existing disciplinary and extra-disciplinary content, our working method generates and forecasts new architectural results. We admire the work of the skilled DJ who samples, re-appropriates and forms new worlds that are projective and fresh, while intimately knowing and admiring their source material.


We produce sensate, atmospherically driven work that forms purposefully out of a confluence of forces.  As the last generation to be educated on the digital/analog cusp, we place equal emphasis on craft and computation, by engaging materiality and physics to challenge digital propositions or vice versa. 


The nuzzling together of unlike terms often produces compelling offspring, so we purposefully engage oppositions - whether schools of thought, mediums, or material domains. By categorizing our work into two general thematic headings, "Sensate Fields and Geometric Mass", we revel in the tension produced between the delicacy of lines and the weight of mass.

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