The work of Berry and Linné investigates the potential of form, materials, color, and program to activate the shared spaces—the public realm—of the city. The City is in the Details, an exhibition of recent public space projects by the practice, is on view at the USC School of Architecture from September 4 to September 15, 2017.


The projects presented in the exhibition are small. The largest is a 2000 square foot plaza and the smallest—a bicycle rack—is essentially 9 square feet. All are built; all are in and around Los Angeles.


None of the works are buildings in a conventional sense. But each makes use of architectural thinking about scale, spatial sequence, materiality, and aesthetic effects in the production of a small-scale public space.


In particular, the architectural concept of the detail pervades the projects. There’s a continual interest in the detail as the expression of the assembly of materials and the articulation of a formal idea.


More critically, each project can be positioned as a detail of the city. Each is a moment of heightened expression—an exaggeration—of the everyday and ordinary elements of urban life. The projects elaborate on the underlying organizational and formal strategies of the public realm to create unique places to gather, to interact with others, and to engage in the collective life of the city.


The work shown in the exhibition is the result of an ongoing collaboration between Rob Berry of Berry and Linné, Daveed Kapoor of Utopiad, and Siobhán Burke of Lyric Design and Planning.


Berry and Linné is an architecture practice based in Los Angeles. Through our work, we seek out the hidden potential within the contemporary built environment. We consider everyday situations to be the starting point for architectural speculation. By beginning with what’s already there we strive to uncover the possibilities of what could be there. The practice is led by Rob Berry, Lecturer at the USC School of Architecture, and Clover Linné.

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