Commissioned as wedding chapel and event space, the plan needed to be unbroken and hyper-flexible for a variety of configurations. The building is sectionally layered by function: a lower level with loading docks, service spaces, kitchens and bathrooms; and an open upper level: column-free and variably configurable. The perimeter walls retract to connect to the surrounding landscape, leaving the architecture to the roof.


The building thus develops as a topographic ceiling: an array of skylights that create a variable funnel field connecting the celestial landscape through their calibrated funnel frames. Breaking down the large 100’x100’ space, the anthropomorphic scale of the individual units, similar yet individuated and unique, reflects the functions of use: a large crowd of individuals gathered densely in common celebration.


The collective of the field is articulated through the variability of its system. The whole is determined by the part.


Displayed are studies for the roof configuration.

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