Is a series of typological studies that question “the house” plan and section. The studies evaluate possible gradual variations of solid and void adjacencies seen as individual versus communal house spaces and the impact they have on how we live and perceive space. It does so through the intersection / erasure / addition of a platonic geometry into itelf.


Row 10 and Sunset Canyon showcase the implementation of these typological studies through 2 multi-unit housing projects located on irregular hillside lots in Los Angeles.


Row 10 features 10 single family residences varying in size between 2200 sf and 1800 sf. The massing strategy for the different unit types is approached through a nine square grid that manifests itself both in plan and elevation. The grid becomes the organizing principle that determines the position of carved in open spaces and extruded out volumes through the individual houses. The carvings and extrusions of the platonic geometry generate serialized variation that manifests itself in the articulation of the façade.


Sunset Canyon proposes a low density 49-unit condominium designed in an irregular hillside lot in Pacific Palisades. The resulting structure adopts a site specific form that registers the allowable envelope permitted by the zoning and coastal code yet ruptures in reaction to urban, climate, views and environmental considerations. This rupture creates a “canyon” void that increases energy efficiency, activates public programs and becomes a circulation path. The canyon trail behaves as a fluid and continuous circulation path that stimulates perception through light, material, and differentiated spaces that expand and contract according to their use. Public spaces are organized sequentially through it. Along the way look-out points and rest areas offer views of the Pacific Ocean. The canyon trail increases the energy efficiency of the proposal by allowing higher sun exposure and natural ventilation.


Exhibition Team:

Victoria Coaloa

Mouna Lawurence

Sheida Madanipaur

Joselyn Palacios

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