Studio purchases for material and supply requests should be sent via email to Raquel Yarber for review and approval. The course number should be provided along with the overall amount approved by your main studio coordinator. Requests should include an online link for the vendor you want to order from, with items included in a shopping cart and online username and password for easy access to selected items. This will avoid any mistakes in items requested and allow quick and manageable payment processing. If the vendor has provided a quote, it should be routed with the course number and approved amount as well. The quote will be used to process either a purchase order or credit card payment. If materials and supplies are purchased directly by the faculty coordinator, original receipts should be taped to 8 1/5 x 11 paper and include the course number and amount approved for his or her section. This will allow for easy review and approval for after-the-fact reimbursement. 


Students purchasing materials and supplies should be limited whenever possible. The recommendation from the Business Office is that students should not be making purchases with their personal funds. We do understand that there will be some situations where this will happen, but faculty coordinators should take necessary steps to keep it to a minimum. If these situations should arise, the faculty coordinator must submit all receipts that are used for their course/section as one reimbursement request, and in turn, disburses funds to the students. The faculty coordinator must keep track of the individual student expenses for proper issuance of funds. 


It's important that no faculty or student pays for services (labor by a vendor or individual). That is a direct violation of university policy. If this should happen, we are not allowed nor will we try to process a reimbursement. All requests for services should be routed to the Business Office for handling. 


If you should have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out. 



All receipts must be originals or electronic confirmations of payment, and taped (transparent only) to 8 ½ x 11 paper. Receipts can be taped on both sides of paper, but please do not overlap or staple. Please include the business purpose, course number, and approved budget for each course section.


The Process (after submission)

  • 2 days for budget approval
  • 2-3 weeks for review, expense detail input, and uploading of documents/receipts
  • approved receipts will be processed within the 2-3 week period
  • insufficient receipts will be returned to faculty mailbox w/explanation of correction required
  • resubmission of corrected receipts will be reviewed and processed as soon as possible
  • Reimbursements must be approved. See instructions at
  • Email inquiries on status of reimbursement should only be sent after the 3 week processing period