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Advisement Office

The School of Architecture Advisement Office for currently enrolled USC students has general information, including descriptions of courses, school bulletins, the university catalogue, information about the minors available at USC, scholarship and global studies information, registration and class schedules, d-clearances, and much more.



Questions for the Advisor?

If you are a currently enrolled student at USC, please contact your Student Services Advisor, Lisa Shimabukuro or stop by and visit us at Harris Hall 210.  If you are a prospective applicant or a current USC student, please contact the School of Architecture Office of Undergraduate Admission.




Tips for Success

Survival Guide
Learn outside of the classroom
In addition to the design studio and the support courses you take, there is a multitude of learning opportunities that help shape you as an architect. The students who are the most successful in the program are those who make it a point to attend as many of the lectures series events as possible, visit the exhibits in the Verle Annis and Helen Lindhurst galleries, attend student critiques from all year levels, visit architecture firms, and attend field trips. These experiences will help you to gain an understanding of what types of projects are being done, view first hand the work of renown designers, meet people who can offer advice, and see what other students are working on. This is a vital part of your education; don’t overlook it, make a point to participate.


Attendance, Attendance, Attendance!
In the design studio, one learns by doing and by observing others. Our faculty insists on attendance in the studio and the grades are based in part on your attendance.  You will need to pass all studio classes with a grade of "C" and above or you will be required to repeat the studio.


Get involved with the School
The School offers a number of student organizations that serve several purposes, including social, professional, and administrative. By joining student organizations, most of which are affiliated with national organizations, you will be able to meet practicing architects by attending office visits, make new friends, effect positive changes to the School, attend career seminars, attend conferences, and get additional feedback on you work. The organizations currently meeting include Alpha Rho Chi, Association of Women Architects, National Organization of Minority Architects, Asian Architects and Engineers Association, Student Council, American Institute of Architects Student Chapter.


Keep us updated with your address, phone, email address
We need you to help us maintain the most current address and phone numbers for your academic records.  The School tracks addresses, phone numbers, and the USC E-mail addresses of all Architecture students.  Throughout the course of the semester, an instructor may wish you discuss your work with you over the phone, or we may need to contact you because we found your lost wallet or portfolio. We will need your current information to contact you for academic advising issues as well as other University activities.  Most importantly when it is time for graduation, we want to ensure your diploma is mailed to the correct address.  As you move to different housing during your years at USC, please remember to update your information on OASIS or fill out a change of information form in the Student Services Office.


Communicate effectively with Student Services and Faculty
Several University mailings have been replaced by electronic mailings. We utilize e-mail to inform you of scholarship opportunities, academic deadlines, curriculum changes, study abroad opportunities, lectures, exhibits, and final review schedules. We also inform you of part time and full time jobs available in architectural firms. Please do not discard this useful information as “junk mail”, as it is important to your success as an Architecture student.  Your instructors will also contact you via E-mail for a variety of reasons.  The University only contacts students via their USC E-mail account, however you may wish to have your USC E-mail automatically forwarded to another account if your prefer.  It is your responsibility to set this up and to keep current with the information provided to your USC E-mail account.  Plan on checking your E-mail at least once per week or you may miss out on important information that could adversely affect your academic experience.


Please be courteous when requesting advisement with reasonable expectation.  Do not wait until the last minute to handle deadlines and various issues as immediate assistance may not always be available.  


You are responsible for your academic success
Effectively manage your academic experience by knowing which requirements you have met, which are remaining, and make a plan to complete them.  This is most easily done by viewing your online STARS Report at the end of each semester.  They are updated twice per year, in January and August.  The most successful students understand how to read their Advisement Sheet, check off classes as they are completed, understand when certain classes are offered and request D-Clearance in a timely manner.