A number of student groups at USC Architecture provide opportunities to connect with fellow students outside of the classroom. Many of these organizations offer professional networking activities, community service opportunities and social events to enhance the student experience.

Alpha Rho Chi (APX)

Alpha Rho Chi (APX) is a nationwide professional and social co-ed fraternity composed of students of architecture and the allied arts. APX currently has over 30 chapters across the country, meaning a nationwide network of active members and alumni that continues beyond graduation. Andronicus is the Chapter of Alpha Rho Chi located at the University of Southern California and is one of the oldest student organizations on campus. APX organizes many events to strengthen the relationship between students, faculty and the School of Architecture.

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American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS)

The mission of the AIAS is to promote excellence in architecture education, training, and practice; foster an appreciation of architecture and related disciplines; enrich communities in a spirit of collaboration; and encourage students to advance the art and science of architecture. AIAS creates a forum of students to interact outside of studio. The USC Chapter of AIAS gives students the opportunities to network with the professional world and be a part of the Los Angeles community. In addition, USC AIAS allows students to participate in projects that help and impact families located around the Los Angeles community.

American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA)

USC ASLA is the USC student chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects. The organization hosts a series of workshops and professional networking events throughout the year and encourages collaboration across disciplines. The student leaders are dedicated to fostering communication and advancing student development and opportunities within the School of Architecture and reaching our networks across the greater Los Angeles region. We hope to be a strong resource for students entering the program and are available to answer any questions on being new to the city and/or being an advocate for landscape architecture practice.

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Graduate Architecture Student Association (GASA)

The Graduate Architecture Student Association is an organization comprised and representative of the USC School of Architecture graduate student body. The purpose of this organization is to explore and promote academic and career issues related to the field of architecture. We represent the concerns and needs of all of the graduate student body by providing interdisciplinary exchanges, and provide insight of special interests to its students. Our goal is also to help create memories and connections that will make your time here at USC memorable by working to improve all aspects of the graduate student experience. 

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Undergraduate Architecture Student Council (uASC)

The Undergraduate Architecture Student Council (uASC) is comprised of the official elected representatives of the entire undergraduate population at the USC School of Architecture. The executive board represents the undergraduate student body and acts as a bridge between students and the School. The objective of the board is to enhance the academic and social experience of students on and off campus. We strive to listen to and communicate the concerns and needs of the undergraduate student body. Furthermore, we foster inter-grade relationships through the student-led Mentorship Program. 

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The National Organization of Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS)

The National Organization of Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS) Chapter at the University of Southern California strives to enhance the USC architecture community by promoting the cultural backgrounds and experiences of our minority students. We do this through events and activities that benefit all students and faculty members as well as the community that we live in. 

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Student Association of Women Architects (SAWA-USC)

The Student Association of Women Architects is dedicated to the advancement and support of women in the field of architecture. SAWA-USC encourages and fosters high levels of women’s achievement in design through conversation, networking, mentorship, scholarship, and more. SAWA-USC cultivates awareness of the value of equality in the workplace. SAWA-USC fosters an empowering environment for women and provides students the opportunity to learn from women faculty, alumni, and professionals practicing in the field of architecture. 

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Tau Sigma Delta - Lambda Chapter, Honor Society for Architecture

Tau Sigma Delta (TSD) was established in 1913 to provide a national collegiate honor society for architecture and the allied arts. Its prime objectives are to celebrate excellence in scholarship, to stimulate mental achievement, and to award those students who attain high scholastic standing by the rewards of membership in an honor society. Only students from the upper 20% of each class are eligible for consideration. The Lambda Chapter of Tau Sigma Delta at USC was one of the earliest chapters and has existed since the very early days of the USC School of Architecture. As a result of their outstanding academic achievement at USC, the students listed here have been selected for Tau Sigma Delta this year.

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