Human-Building Integration Lab

The Human-Building Integration Lab (HBI Lab) is in the Building Science Program in the School of Architecture at the University of Southern California. Directed by Professor Choi, HBI Lab is conducting quality research focusing on comprehensive study of advanced building technologies and design to promote building performance in energy efficiency, net zero energy, indoor environmental quality (such as thermal, air, acoustic and lighting conditions), occupant health and productivity.

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Landscape Futures Lab

Landscape Futures Lab is a design-research platform housed in the School of Architecture that serves as an incubator for climate innovation and imagination. The lab brings together faculty from critical disciplines across USC, including from the Department of Computational Biology (biological science), the Spatial Sciences Institute (soil science), The Natural History Museum (urban ecology), Thornton School of Music (sound studies), the School of Cinematic Arts (interactive media), and industry partners – from Technology to Futurology – to develop multimodal and multi-scalar research that explores the implications and applications of technology within the biophysical world and establishes experimental methodologies with which to generate alternatives to our current environmental trajectories and the existential threats we now face.

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Landscape Justice Initiative

The Landscape Justice Initiative (LJI) is a platform for USC’s Graduate Program in Landscape Architecture + Urbanism to position and implement its work in areas of Environmental, Spatial and Climate Justice. This platform provides a vehicle and support structure both for community partnerships to contribute to immediate local impact on neighborhoods and their ecosystems, and for multidisciplinary collaborations to tackle large-scale policy and environmental change.

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