MBS Theses


Joyce Hahn (2016) Measuring Daylight: Analysis Of Daylighting At LACMA’s Resnick Pavilion

Kai Yin (2016) Building Bridges: Filling Gaps Between BIM And Other Tools In Mechanical Design 

Lisha Deng (2016) Exterior Glare Simulation: Understanding Solar Convergence From Concave Facades Using Heat Maps 

Dennis Chow (2016) Blind To Light Loss: Evaluating Light Loss Through Commercial Building Facades As A Contribution To Urban Light Pollution 

Jaehyun Moon (2016) Considering Occupants: Comprehensive POE Research On Office Environment Of Southern California 

Ilaria Toldo (2016) Informing Conservation:  Implementation Of Building Information Modeling Systems For Architectural Heritage 

Mohammad Aljammaz (2016) Daylighting Tubes In Riyadh And Los Angeles: Comparison Of Culture And Market Penetration 

Shinjini Bhattacharjee (2016) Determining Solar Envelope Geometry For Sites With Existing Buildings 

Qianqian (Sunny) Fan (2016) Facade Forensics:  Visualizing Thermal Data In A Building Information Model 

Kai Yin (2016) Building Bridges: Filling Gaps Between BIM And Other Tools In Mechanical Design 

Brittany Moffett (2016) Envisioning Seismic Los Angeles: Data Visualization Techniques For An Interactive Seismicity And Building Response Map Application 

Edna Catumbela (2016) Green Facades Morphological Analysis: A Taxonomy Development Tool For Design Assistance 

Maral Rahmani (2016) Climate-Responsive User Interface:  Environmental Control In Residential Facilities Using User-Centered Approaches 

Aditya Dharane (2016) Bridging The Energy Gaps By Using Measured Weather, Occupancy, And Submetered Data 

Kim Cheong (2016) Impact Of Occupants In Building Performance: Extracting Information From Building-Related Data 

Kelly Burkhart (2016) Evaluating Daylighting Design Expectations: POE To Improve Future Daylighting Design Decision-Making        



Fahad Alshiddi (2015) Pre-Cast Concrete Envelopes In Hot-Humid Climates: Improving Envelopes To Reduce Cooling Load And Electrical Consumption

Yiyu Chen (2015) Environmental Adaptive Design: Building Performance Analysis For Climate Change

Chao Yang (2015) Energy Use Intensity Estimation Method Based On Building Façade Features By Using Regression Model

Spurthy Yogananda (2015) Green Roofs: Study Of Various Parameters And Their Influence On The Building With Respect To Climate Zones.

Bo Yi (2015) Improving Thermal Conditions: Development Of An Automatic Thermal Control System Using Human Skin Temperature

Varshini Raman (2015)

Geoffrey Becker (2015) Ctrl+Z:    Exploring The Effects Of Undoing Retrofits To Pre-War Buildings In Los Angeles                

Angella Johnson (2015) Fire Engineering And Vertical Evacuations In Ultra High-Rise Buildings                                 

Mohammad Hijazi (2015) Bridging The Gap: A Methodology To Support Bim Data Exchange For Building Energy Performance, Simulation, And Analysis

Hui-Ling Chang (2015) Evaluation And Optimization Of Solar Control Screens: Using Daylight Simulation To Optimize Solar Control Screen Geometry

Sebanti Banerjee (2015) Daylighting Prediction: An Evaluation Of Lighting Design Software For Analysis Of Daylighting In Buildings

Shang Sun (2015) Energy Efficient Buildings: A Method Of Probabilistic Risk Assessment Using Building Energy Simulation



Elham Motevalian (2014) Double Skin Facade Performance: The Effect On Daylight And Visual Comfort

Maria Spastri (2014) Transforming Double Skin Facades: Energy Saving Potential Of Dynamic Environmental Control In The Cavity

Varshini Raman (2014) Ieq And The Impacts Caused On Occupants: A Poe Study Of An Office Building

Rui Zhu (2014) Human-Environment Interaction: Potential Use Of Pupil Size For Office Lighting Controls

Alejandro Gamas (2014) Grasshopper-Diva-Etc:A Parametric Envelope-Modeling Workflow For Daylight And Thermal Quality

Praveen Sehrawat (2014) Urban Energy Modeling: Contrasting Building Energy Simulation Using Gis Tools With Validated Energy Simulation Tools

Chenchuan Trent Qian (2014) Thermal Lag Addin For Revit: Analysis Wall/Roof Section And Energy Saving



Stephanie Egger (2013) Airflow Investigation On Fabric Structure Forms: A Fluid Dynamic Analysis  

Zakarya Alahmed (2013) Double-Skin Facades In Hot-Arid Climates  

Meng Gong (2013) External Structure For Existing Buildings In Seismic Zones: Tensile Envelope For Structure Renovation: Lateral Drift Reduction In Existing Structures Using External Devices  

Michael Makris (2013) Structural Design Tool For Performative Building Elements: An Automated/Semi-Automated Grasshopper Plugin For Inventing New Or Unusual Informed Form  

Tyler Tucker (2013) Performative Shading Design: Parametric Based Measure Of Shading System Configuration Effectiveness And Trends  

Aireen Batungbakal (2013) Chromic Glass: Light And Acoustics Properties From Glass To Facade Systems: Simulating The Relation Between Smart Glass And Laminate Glass Using Its Reflective And Refractive Properties 

Nura Darabi (2013) Life Cycle Comparison For Commercial Buildings: Resource Efficiency Of Retrofit Versus Replacement  

Ioli Papaioannou (2013) Smart Facades For Environmental Control Systems: A Smart Façade Contributing Effectively To Air Pollution Treatment.  

Mika Yagi (2013) “Watts Per Person” Paradigm To Design Net Zero Energy Buildings: Achieving Maximum Energy Savings By [Re] Defining The 2,000 Watt Society  

Yue Liu (2013) Effective Lighting Shelf And Form Finding: Development Of The Lighting Shelf Design Tool And Energy And Lighting Performance Integrated  

Tighe Lanning (2013) Economizer Performance And Verification: Effect Of Human Behavior On Economizer Efficacy And Thermal Comfort In Southern California  

Sananda Mukherjee (2013) Green Roof Design Guidelines For Office Buildings In Different Climates: A Thermal Performance Assessment Through Energy Modeling



Priyanka Padmanabhan Nayar (2012) Improving Thermal Comfort In Residential Spaces In The Wet Tropical Climate Zones Of India Using Passive Cooling Techniques: A Study Using Computational Design Methods

Morgan Wiener (2012) Unitized Double Skin Façade Assemblies: Achieving The Needs Of Future Envelope Systems Through Construction And Performance Advances

Yi-Lun Cheng (2012) Digital Tree Simulation For Residential Building Energy Savings: Shading And Evapotranspiration

Aishwarya Balagopal (2012) Design Proposal And Analysis Of Curved Brace System To Reduce Drift In Moment Frame Structures

Guang Yang (2012) Energy Simulation In Existing Buildings: Calibrating The Model For Retrofit Studies

William Vicent (2012) Comparing Visual Comfort Metrics For Fourteen Spaces Using Simulation-Based Luminance Mapping

Sukreet Singh (2012) Zero Net Energy Institutional Building

Won Hee Ko (2012) Tilted Glazing: Angle-Dependence Of Direct Solar Heat Gain And Form-Refining Of Complex Facades

Feng-Cheng Chiu O'Connor (2012) Effects Of Building Plan Configuration On Lateral Load Responses

Han Sang Kim (2012) Seismic Retrofitting With Cost Effectiveness: Steel Braced Frame, Steel Moment Frame, Concrete Shear Wall, Concrete Moment Frame

Geman Wu (2012) Studies In Preliminary Design Of Fenestration: Balancing Daylight Harvesting And Energy Consumption



Babak Zareiyan (2011) Performance Of Roof Materials High SRI, Low SRI, And Green Roof In California Climate Zone 8 Los Angeles, California

James Jesse Domanski (2011) The Viability Of Wind Energy Harvesting On Low Rise Buildings In The Built Environment: A Case Study Of The Los Angeles Metro Area

Yang Shen (2011) Geothermal Heat Pump's Energy Effect And Economical Benefits

Mohamed Mansour El Sheikh (2011) Intelligent Building Skins: Parametric-Based Algorithm For Kinetic Facades Design And Daylighting Performance Integration

Xin Zhao (2011) An Investigation On Using BIM For Sustainability Analysis Using The LEED Rating System

Hanshu Yin (2011) Glare Studies: Comparison Of Three Glare Indices, HDR Imaging And Measured Values

Hamad Abdullah L Olayan (2011) Harvesting Energy With Solar Panels And Adaptive Shading For Building Skins: A Case Study Of An Office Building In Saudi Arabia



Lutao Wang (2010) Design Of Double Skin (Envelope) As A Solar Chimney: Adapting Natural Ventilation In Double Envelope For Mild Or Warm Climates

Deepa Chandrashekaran (2010) Air Flow Through Louvered Openings: Effect Of Louver Slats On Air Movement Inside A Space

Jason P. Kirchhoff (2010) Solar Thermal Cooling And Heating: A Year-Round Thermal Comfort Strategy Using A Hybrid Solar Absorption Chiller And Hydronic Heating Scheme

Jamil Binabid (2010) Vertical Garden: The Study Of Vertical Gardens And Their Benefits For Low-Rise Buildings In Moderate And Hot Climates

Ryan Hansanuwat (2010) Kinetic Facades As Environmental Control Systems: Using Kinetic Facades To Increase Energy Efficiency And Building Performance In Office Buildings

Tai Uey Huang  (2010) Energy Saving Integrated Facade: Design And Analysis Using Computer Simulation

Kenneth A. Griffin (2010) Night Flushing And Thermal Mass: Maximizing Natural Ventilation For Energy Conservation Through Architectural Features

Elham Moore (2010) Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) A Study On AAC For Low-Rise Structures In Southern California

Lei Fu (2010) Glass Beam Design For Architects: Brief Introduction To The Most Critical Factors Of Glass Beams And Easy Computer Tool

Vasudha Rathi (2010) Disaster Relief Transitional Emergency Shelter: Environmental And Structural Analysis Of Two Prefab Modular Emergency Shelters For Three Different Californian Climate Zones



Anupam Jain (2009) Development and Validation of a U-BIM Model For Mitigation of the Urban Heat Island Effect

Emily Kemper (2009) Using Architecture in the Fight Against Global Warming Presenting [...] 

Taehyun Kim  (2009) Comparison of prefab homes and a site built home: Quantitative evaluation of four [...]

Ben McAlister (2009) Conservation and Reconstruction of Textile Blocks: An Investigation of Issues Concerning the Manufacture, Preservation and Replacement of the Concrete Exterior of the Freeman House in Hollywood, California.

Aran Osborne (2009) Landscape & building solar loads: Development of a computer-based tool to aid [...] 

Daniel Riggin (2009) An Analysis of Underwater Habitats: A Development of the Outline for Aquatectural [...]

Angela Vargas (2009) The Textile Block System: Structural Analysis and Alternative Seismic Upgrading to [...]

Kimmi Wiebe (2009) Biomimetic Design of the Building Envelope: Biological Climate Adaptations and Thermal Controls in the Sonoran Desert

Tianxin Xing  (2009) A Teaching Tool for Architectural Acoustics



John Paul Basbagill (2008) Fiber Reinforced Phenolic Foam: Climatic Effects of Mechanical Properties [...]

James Bryon Cleveland (2008) The Potential Application of Natural Fiber Reinforced Bio‐polymer [...] 

Xing Chen (2008) Computerizing the Heliodon

David Douglass (2008) Defining a Sustainable Aesthetic: A New Paradigm for Architecture

Laura Haymond (2008) Full Size Contour Crafting  Applications

Yunzhi Huang (2008) Calibration and Data Accuracy Research of the Schierle Shake Table

Anita Jeerage (2008) Glazing Solutions for Low Cost, High Performance Housing in Tijuana, Mexico

Sumedha Kumar (2008) Interoperability Between Building Information Models (BIM) and Energy [...]

Shih Hsin Lin (2008) Watt Hall Energy Management System Implementation Initiative

Ciavash Loghmani (2008) Optimal Zoning Configurations for Solar Access in High Rise Developments

Shraddha Marathe (2008) Design2sustain---A Web Based Resource Suite for Sustainability [...]

Michael Robert Patterson (2008) Structural Glass Facades: A Unique Building Technology

Greg Swanson (2008) A Concentrating Solar Thermal Collector for Catalina Island



Fares Al-Salem (2007) A Scientifically Based Integration of Traditional Low-Energy Adaptations to Kuwait’s Hot-Arid Climate

Othman Subhi Al-Shamrani (2007) Selection of Structural Systems and Materials: Minimizing [...]

Tareq Ali Baker (2007) An Open-Source Program to Animate and Visualize the Recorded [...]

Sandra Brown (2007) Seismic Analysis and Shake Table Modeling: Using a Shake Table for [...]

Chris Buntine (2007) Zero Peak Residential Electric Demand - An Evaluation of Strategies for [...]

Jason Ritter-Lopatowski (2007) Wind Turbine Integration: A Study of Building Shape and Orientation

Jae Yong Suk (2007) Post-Treatment Analysis of the Glare Remediation of the Walt Disney [...]



Alice Ormsbee Beltran (2006) Water in the Freeman House: A Study of the Block in the Textile Block [...]

Sumit Avinash Brahmbhatt (2006) The Thermal Energy Performance Study of the Freeman House

Varma Namburi (2006) Comparative Evaluation of Lighting Design Software Programs



Jonathan Tedjakusuma (2003) A Visual and Digital Method for Predicting Discomfort Glare

Sarada Chidambareswaran (2003) Mahoney Tables PLUS: A Software Tool for Climate Conscious Design

Johnny Lu (2003) Lighting Design Assessment Tool for Senior Living Facilities

Suganya Thiagarajan (2003) Acoustics of the Bing Theatre: Computer Simulation for Acoustical Improvements



Manu Juyal (2002) SolCAD: a 3-D Spatial Design Tool for Generating Solar Envelope

Mark Hulme (2002) Color, Daylighting and Dynamism: Towards a Theory of Bounced Color and Dynamic [...]

Sreemathi Iyer (2002) Guidelines For Building Non-Engineered Reinforced Masonary In Earthquake-Prone [...]

Ghosson Al-Khaled (2002) Hebel Design Analysis Program

Rashed Khalifa Al-Shaali (2002) Maximizing Natural Ventilation By Design In Low Rise Residential [...]

Fang Sui (2002) Lateral Performance Comparision: Residential Wood Framing and CFS Framing

Kang Kyu Choi (2002) Reinforced Concrete Structure Design Teaching Tool

Khaled Al-Jammaz (2002) Determining Optimal Block-Type for Use in Saudi Arabia

Chung-Hsin Tsai (2002) Natural Ventilation In the High-Rise Buildings For Taipei

Rashed Al-Shaali (2002) Maximizing Natural Ventilation By Design In Low-Rise Residential Buildings Using [...]



Felipe Hernandez (2001) Underwater Farming Colonies: a New Space for Human Habitat

Bean Ching Law (2001) Online Portfolio Repository for Students of Architecture

Nazneen Sabbavala (2001) Thermal Performance of Straw Bales



Madhavi Chavan: (2000) DSnF: Design Studio of the (near) Future

Rebeka Vital (2000) A Case Study Comparing Measured and Simulated Acoustical Environments: Acoustical Improvements of Verle Annis Gallery

Anish Tripathi(2000) Augmented Reality Application for Architecture

Geetika Tandon(2000) A Web-based Teaching Tool on Thermal Processes in Buildings



Vagish Narang(1999) WebArc: Control and Monitoring of Building Systems over the Web

"Wan" Svastisinha Runsrithep(1999) Passive Cooling for Thailand

Sonal Puri(1999) The Essence of Vaastu-Shilpa Shastra: A Multimedia Teaching Tool

Archit Jain(1999) Interactive Teaching Tool on the Web: Site Solar Access



Catherine Houston (1997) UBC Code Supplement

I. Mazzoleni (1997) SBMA: The Online Sustainable Building Materials Advisor

A. Jain (1997) VRSolar: An Exploration in Web Based Interactive Architectural Teaching



E. Setiadarma (1995) A computer aided teaching tool for sun shading devices

S. Japee (1995) Visual discomfort and occupant interaction

S. Keskinel (1995) Superinsulation applied to manufactured housing in hot, arid climates

C.I. Jo (1995) An analysis of theological and technical aspects of lighting in a sacred Christian space


1994 and Before

I. Alturki (1994) Physical models to study natural light in atria and adjacent spaces for qualitative and quantitative energy reducing opportunities

S. Bharali (1994) Study of California energy codes and US energy performance standards applicable to Bombay

H. Fuchs (1994) Compilation of ecological design and planning information for a reference text on sustainable architecture

K. Puri (1994) Study of building codes applicable to the Himalaya foothills, to improve energy standards for small scale vernacular buildings

A. Yuan (1994) Computer animation system to teach passive cooling strategies for hot humid climates

P.C. Wang (1993) Reflective light plenum to direct daylight to office interiors

S. Hrisafovic (1992) A computer program to teach passive solar design

U.P. Yeh (1992) Computer aided solar envelop design

R. Singh (1991) Software integration for value conscious design

Y. Kim (1991) Simulation of the configurations for solar houses

H.C. Wang (1990) A cross-ventilation study on a building with skip-stop corridors

L. Nkuo (1988) Passive cooling methods for mid to high-rise buildings in the hot-humid climate of Douala, Cameroon, West Africa

T.H. Al-Qahtani (1987) A passive cooling system for residential building in the eastern province desert in Saudi Arabia