The School of Architecture awards annual merit scholarships to continuing architecture students. Incoming students should contact the University's Office of Admission and Financial Aid for opportunities.

Endowed Scholarships

The Ronald Arthur Altoon Leadership Award

The award has been established by Ronald Arthur Altoon, FAIA (B.Arch 1968), a former National President of The American Institute of Architects, in appreciation of the recognized and diverse leadership of the AIA College of Fellows, so as to encourage the next generation of architects to recognize their social obligation to become citizen architects, applying their Renaissance skills of holistic vision to leadership positions in the profession, academia, industry, humanity, civic, charitable, or cultural venues, where the indisputable value of the architect's voice can influence the direction of policy affecting the built environment.


Elizabeth Reed Annis Endowed Scholarship

An endowed scholarship fund in memory of Elizabeth Reed Annis, which honors the Reed family heritage. It is designated for an architecture student whose ancestry is of the British Isles regardless of his or her birthplace.


Verle L. Annis Memorial Scholarship

An endowed fund honoring the late USC Professor of Architecture and awarded to a student participating in a travel program such as the School’s Saintes fall program or Milan/Como spring program.


Professors Clayton Baldwin and Raymond Kennedy Memorial Scholarship

An endowed award created by School alumni memorializing two faculty members of the School; the recipient is selected based on academic merit and financial need.


The Dorothy S. Blessington Memorial Scholarship

This is an endowed scholarship fund established by USC architecture alumnus, James Kehr (B.Arch. 1966) in honor of the kind relative who provided for his education. The scholarship is awarded annually to a lower division student of architecture who has financial need and is, preferably, from the University Park neighborhood or from an ethnically diverse community.


Dr. Fred Block and Hugo Block Scholarship

Based on scholarship and need, an endowed award to a fifth-year student for the final semester of study.


Thomas O. Byerts Memorial Scholarship

Created in memory of a graduate of the School, an endowed scholarship recognizing a fifth-year thesis student whose work has included the application of social and behavioral theory.


Adolfo R. Cruz Memorial Scholarship

An endowed scholarship established by family, friends and colleagues in memory of Adolfo R. Cruz, an esteemed professional architect of McClellan, Cruz, Gaylord and Associates who valued the concept that a truly meaningful life is a balance of one's professional and pesonal activities. It is awarded annually by a faculty committee appointed by the Dean to a fifth-year undergraduate architecture student, a U.S. citizen, who exemplifies that balance and shows exceptional promise in his/her chosen area of interest.


Arthur C. Eckner Memorial Scholarship

An endowed graduate student scholarship memorializing architect Arthur C. Eckner. This scholarship is presented annually to a deserving student who demonstrates exceptional technical ability with a focus on the implementation of architectural design in technical areas such as computers, structures or environmental systems with a goal to enhance the creative use of architectural technology.


The Russell Gamble Endowed Scholarship

An endowment founded in 2008 by alumnus Russell Gamble (BArch '69), this scholarship benefits incoming and current undergraduate and graduate students within any program of the School of Architecture who have demonstrated a commitment to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues through academic work, community involvement or by other personal contributions. Students will be selected on a basis of merit by representatives of the USC Lambda Alumni Association. In addition to the required essay, students may include a design portfolio if desired.


Martin B. Gelber, FAIA Scholarship

An endowment founded in 2008 by alumnus and architect, Martin B. Gelber, FAIA (BArch ’63), past president of the Los Angeles chapter of the American Institute of Architects and Professor Emeritus of Los Angeles Pierce College. The scholarship is to be given to second and third year architecture students who are in financial need and have demonstrated exceptional promise and passion in architecture. In addition, preferred candidates should demonstrate commitment to the profession of architecture, including issues in environmental architecture and sustainability.


Gensler/USC Architectural Guild Scholarship honoring the professional legacy of Marvin Taff, FAIA

Established in 2002, this endowment honoring architecture alumnus, Marvin Taff, FAIA (B.Arch. 1957), provides financial aid for deserving students in the undergraduate or graduate program. It is awarded annually to a student who best exemplifies the principles by which Marvin Taff practices architecture. Qualifying students exhibit integrity, collaboration, leadership, find opportunity in challenge, and define each design opportunity through the client’s point of view. Selection is made by a faculty committee appointed by the Dean.


Barry Gittelson Award

An endowment founded in 2006 by architect and alumnus (Barch ’65), Barry Gittelson, this special award benefits first-and second -year students at the School whose work demonstrates a passion and exceptional promise in architecture and a rigorous commitment to the process of design and academic inquiry in both design studio and the classroom. Selection of recipients is made by a committee of the faculty appointed by the Dean.


L. Anthony Greenberg Memorial Scholarship

An endowed scholarship established in memory of alumnus and award-winning Los Angeles architect, L. Anthony Greenberg (B.Arch. 1961). It is awarded to a graduate student in the architecture program whose studies emphasize modernist architecture.


T. George Hayakawa Commemorative Scholarship

An endowed scholarship commemorating the Japanese/ American internment during World War II, which is awarded to a student whose family history includes the internment experience.


The Damon Hein Scholarship for Landscape Architecture

Established by architect and landscape designer, Damon Hein (BArch '87), the scholarship recognizes the fundamental relationship of architecture and landscape architecture. It is awarded annually to a graduate student in landscape architecture whose undergraduate degree or background is in architecture or to an undergraduate architecture student who plans to study landscape architecture duiring the award period. The recipient is selected by a committee of the faculty based on design excellence and financial need.


The Franz Herding Memorial Fellowships

Endowed scholarship for undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Architecture in memory of Swiss-born architect Franz Herding (1887-1968), who became a prominent Los Angeles architect and urban designer. Qualifications are academic excellence and financial need. The fellowships commemorate Mr. Herdings’s international professional practice especially in the development of Los Angeles and Southern California in the 20th century. They recognize the distinct character of the city he created through such projects as Hollywood Knolls, Leimert Park and Lido Isle along with many commercial buildings and residences. The fellowships honor Lena Herding, his wife, and Rosalie Herding, his daughter, who championed architectural education at the University of Southern California during her lifetime. The Franz Herding Memorial Fellowships were established in 2001 by George Schlecher, brother-in-law to Franz Herding, brother of Lena Herding and uncle of Rosalie Herding.


HOK Endowed Scholarship in Sustainable Design           

Established in 2005 in recognition of the 50th anniversary of HOK, the endowed scholarship is designed for a graduate or undergraduate student of architecture and/or building science who has demonstrated academic excellence in the research, planning and/or design of sustainable or environmentally responsive buildings and who has a scholarly or professional interest in pursuing sustainable design. The recipient's selection by a committee of the faculty is based on merit.


The John R. Holingsworth Drawing Award

And endowment founded by the Nason and Hollingsworth families honors the memory of John R. Hollingsworth (B.Arch. 1943). The award recognizes excellence in free-hand drawing and visual representation by a student or students in architecture, landscape architecture, building science, historic preservation or a related field completing the first year of graduate studies. It commemorated the 50-year career of architect and architectural illustrator, John R. Hollingsworth, whose drawings and paintings communicated the vision of architects, developers and other clients including the offices of William Pereira, Arthur Froehlich, Kaiser Hawaii, AC Martin Partners, Daniel Mann Johnson & Mendenhall, Universal Studios and the United States Navy.


Carey K. Jenkins Memorial Scholarship

An endowed scholarship designated for a minority student in memory of Mr. Jenkins, an alumnus who was among the first black architectural students at USC.


Elizabeth and San Jeung Scholarship

A scholarship to provide financial support for an undergraduate student participating in a study abroad program.


Jin Family Endownment

An endowment fund to provide financial support for a full-time second year undergraduate student in the School of Architecture.  This merit scholarship will provide support to a student for whom affordability may be an obstacle, and who might otherwise be unable to attend the University.


S. Kenneth Johnson Memorial Scholarship

An endowed scholarship designated for an incoming graduate student, which is renewable for the final year of graduate studies in architecture.


A. Quincy Jones Memorial Scholarship

An endowed scholarship established in memory of A. Quincy Jones, former Dean of the School of Architecture and a distinguished professional. It is awarded to fifth-year students who show exceptional promise.


Robert and Helen Kennard Memorial Scholarship

An endowed scholarship memorializing Robert A. Kennard (B.Arch. 1949), who was recognized as the 1991 Distinguished Alumnus. It is awarded to a student in the program, preferably an African-American or other minority, of high academic achievement in architecture and who is active in community service.


Shaya and Grant Kirkpatrick Endowed Scholarship

An endowment fund to support students to study abroad in the Global Studies Program of the USC School of Architecture. The fund will provide support to whom affordability may be an obstacle and who might otherwise be unable to participate in a Global Studies Program. Academic Merit will be considered as well. A jury appointed by the Dean of the School will make a recommendation of the selection, which may also be based on the student's work as well as need.


James A. Knowles Memorial Scholarship

Established to memorialize USC School of Engineering alumnus who was an expert in the science and practice of building systems design, the endowed award is presented to a graduate student in the Master of Building Science program.


Geralyn Lambson Endowed Scholarship

The purpose of this endowment, established by Geralyn Lambson in 2002, is to promote the advancement of under-represented minorities, such as African-Americans, in the profession of architecture. The scholarship is awarded annually to a deserving undergraduate or graduate student by a faculty committee appointed by the Dean.


William Landworth Memorial Prize

This endowment, established by the family and friends of William Landworth, AIA, honors the memory of a very caring and humorous man who was a mentor to many students at USC. Bill practiced architecture in Southern California for many years. In 1986 Bill’s daughter Lisa Landworth, AIA (B.Arch. 1979) and her classmate, Philip James DeBolske, AIA (B.Arch. 1979) formed the partnership Landworth DeBolske Associates, inspired by Bill’s vision and philosophy of life. This prize is presented annually to a student who has exceptional design skills and is in need. A faculty committee selects the recipient with either a family or a staff member of Landworth DeBolske Associates as a member of the selection committee.


Alvin Y. Lee Endowed Scholarship

Esablished in 2006 by Alvin Yin Lee, AIA (BArch '82), funds from this scholarship endowment support a student in the graduate or undergraduate program based on academic excellence and financial need. Preference is given to a student who demonstrates interest in Chinese-American or Asian-American issues in the profession of architecture. The recipient is selected by a faculty committee appointed by the Dean.


Anthony A. Marnell II/ USC Architectural Guild Scholarship

Established in 2004 by the employees of Marnell Corrao Associates as a tribute to Tony Marnell on the 30th anniversary of his founding of the Las Vegas-based firm and matched by the USC Architectural Guild, the endowment supports a fifth-year student at the School based on academic achievement and financial need. The recipient is selected by a committee of the Architectural Guild and a representative of Marnell Corrao Associates.


George H. Mayr Foundation Scholarships

In memory of the noted philanthropist, the annual award is designated for graduate students who are United States citizens. Recipients are selected on the basis of academic excellence and financial need.


Doug Moreland Scholarship in Architecture

This scholarship will be awarded to a fourth year architecture student who has shown excellence in both academics and design.  


Rick and Nancy Muth Scholarship Fund in Memory of Mike Rhodes

An endowed scholarship fund memorializing USC School of Architecture alumnus, it is awarded to a student who might not otherwise qualify for other scholarships or financial aid.


Professor John V. Mutlow Scholarship in Housing

Established in 2002 by Professor John V. Mutlow, FAIA, this endowed scholarship provides funding for a graduate or upper-division undergraduate student whose academic interest is in senior, family, special needs, or mixed-use multi-housing that addresses the issues of affordability, attainability, workforce, and social concerns. Qualifying students demonstrate studio design excellence and preference is given to students with financial need.


John Parkinson Memorial Scholarships

Endowed scholarships awarded to undergraduate and graduate students based on demonstrated exceptional potential for the profession of architecture and who have financial need. The fund honors the early 20th century Los Angeles architect.


Lowell S. Pidgeon Memorial Scholarships

An endowed fund memorializing alumnus, Lowell Pidgeon, and awarded to students in the graduate program.


Ruth Elaine Reed Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Elizabeth Annis established an endowed traveling scholarship in honor of her sister and USC alumna, Ruth Elaine Reed. A scholarship is awarded annually to a student studying in Saintes, France or Como, Italy in alternate years. The award is based on academic excellence and financial need.


Victor Regnier Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was endowed in 2001 by USC School of Architecture alumnus and faculty member, Victor Regnier. It is awarded to an undergraduate or graduate student whose work involves the creation or translation of research into design excellence.


The Rockefeller / Hricak Prize

This endowment was established in 2001 by Michael Hricak, FAIA (B.S. 1974) and Darrell S. Rockefeller, AIA on the 20th anniversary of the founding of Rockefeller / Hricak Architects. It is awarded annually to a student completing their third year in recognition of leadership qualities expressed in work that clearly communicates design innovation combined with technical exploration and understanding. The recipient is selected by a faculty committee appointed by the Dean to include a representative of Rockefeller / Hricak Architects.


Robert, Rose and Stan Alan Sackley Architectural Scholarship

This endowment from the estate of alumnus Stan Alan Sackley (B.Arch. 1961) is designated for a first year architecture student with financial need. The fund memorializes Mr. Sackley and his parents.


Victor S. Sauer Scholarship

An endowed fund providing scholarship assistance to deserving undergraduate students in the School of Architecture.


Winifred T. Stockwell Scholarship Endowment

This endowment from the estate of Winifred Stockwell honors her husband’s 20th century Los Angeles firm, Stanton & Stockwell, Architects. Funds are given to students based on merit and need as determined by a committee of the faculty.


The Ternstrom Endowment

This endowment was established in 1996 by a 1940 graduate of the USC School of Architecture in memory of his daughter. The annual income of the endowment is used exclusively for assistance to students in the architecture program in the form of tuition, special needs, specific project or thesis funds, or a direct program grant administered by the Dean or the Dean’s appointed faculty committee.


Ted and Rosemary Tyler Endowed Scholarship

The endowed scholarship was established in 2008 as a gift from the estate of Ted and Rosemary Tyler, whose involvement and support of the School of Architecture during their lifetime enriched opportunities for students in its programs. The endowment provides student aid as directed by the Dean.  All students—undergraduate and graduate students—in all programs at the school qualify for aid through the endowment.


Universal Reproductions Mark Gerson Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to a fifth-year or graduate student who is a California resident on the basis of design excellence. This award honors Mr. Gerson’s lifelong commitment to the architecture and building industry.


Widom, Wein, Cohen, O’Leary, Terasawa Endowed Scholarship

An endowed scholarship awarded to an undergraduate or graduate student with financial need in recognition of his or her academic achievement and community service. The scholarship, established by principals Chester A. Widom, FAIA, Adrian Cohen, Andrea Cohen Gehring (B.Arch. 1985) and Jesus Fondevila, honors the USC tradition of the firm and recognizes the legacy of three USC School of Architecture Distinguished Alumni from WWCOT: Arthur F. O’Leary, FAIA (B.Arch. 1951), Toshikazu Terasawa, FAIA (B.Arch. 1949) and Chester A. Widom, FAIA (B.Arch. 1962).


Gin Wong Scholarship

The endowed scholarship honors the USC Trustee and architecture alumnus. This award is presented to a fourth-year student and renewed for the fifth year based on academic excellence and financial need.