Black & White and Color Laser Printing

(8.5"x11" and 11"x17")



Printer 1: Harris 215A

Printer 2: Watt Hall 209

Printer 3: Graduate 3rd Floor

USCard payment only.


When Printing:

Choose the appropriate print queue for the job. Will charge depending on the print job (There are separate printers for Color, B&W, 8.5"x11" and 11"x17")



8.5"x11" B&W: $0.15

8.5"x11" Color: $0.60

11"x17" B&W: $0.30

11"x17" Color: $1.20




(HP Designjet T790 42" Postscript)


2 plotters in Harris 215A

2 plotters in Harris 115

1 plotter in Watt Hall 200

1 plotter in Watt Hall 201

2 plotters in Watt Hall 209

2 plotters in Graduate 3rd Floor

2 plotters in 1st year

You must provide your own paper, but ink will be provided.

Do NOT rely on these plotters for your midterms and/or midterm boards.

The school will be in contact with a few vendors in the area for finals and midterms.