Instructions on How to Establish an NCARB Record

Instructions on How to Establish an NCARB Record (Revised 01.15.13)

To: All USC Students Seeking to Establish an NCARB Record

From: Michael Hricak, FAIA, IDP Coordinator // USC School of Architecture

Re: Instructions Regarding Establishing an IDP Eligibility Date

Congratulations on taking the initial formal step towards becoming licensed. By starting this process now youʼre demonstrating both your professionalism and practicality. Bravo!

I have been receiving a series of requests to review and sign studentsʼ NCARB IDP Eligibility Date Forms. (This memo only addresses this matter and is not intended to answer all IDP questions.) In order to facilitate this process, Iʼm establishing guidelines to insure that your paperwork reaches NCARB in a timely manner. Iʼm pleased to report that both the process and the requirements have been greatly improved and simplified.

Most of our students will be completing the Form for IDP Eligibility Date #1 which is to be used by those students enrolled in a NAAB-accredited degree program.

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While the form states that the student is to complete only Items 1 through 4, it is more practical for the student to also complete Items 5 through 8. Please complete the form digitally (do not sign the form and scan it, instead type your name and check the box that verify your typed name as a digital signature) & send it as a ʻliveʼ pdf (it is important to check the pdf prior to sending it to me, verifying that it can be edited & Line 1 thru 8 are visible).

Faculty and I will complete Items 9 thru 12, and 13 thru 16 respectively. I will then forward the Eligibility Form directly to NCARB. You, the intern/student, cannot do this.

We will also verify your enrollment date, however, you need to supply this date (Item 8), which is the date of your enrollment in the program (B.Arch or M.Arch.) This usually means the first day of your first year in that program. As of 10/10/2010, your enrollment date IS your eligibility date. In short this means that you can begin to ʻlogʼ hours into your NCARB IDP Record (via e-EVR) after this date.

We do not need to see transcripts, nor do we review your OASIS course summary. Furthermore, NCARB does not need to see your transcript until after youʼve received your degree. There is no longer a requirement to send “progress” transcripts.


1. Complete Items 1 thru 8 (including the date of your enrollment.) Forward form to me (mh@mha-architects.com) as a ʻliveʼ pdf. Please test the pdf prior to sending it to me.

2. There is no need to submit transcripts or OASIS course summary.

3. You can begin to accumulate IDP ʻhoursʼ any time after your Eligibility Date, provided you report the hours in timely manner, based on NCARBʼs 6-month rule.

Please read this entire message prior to completing the form and forwarding it to me. Emailed forms that do not conform to these instructions will be ignored and could result in the loss of time/experience.

Information for GRADUATES from the B.Arch. or M.Arch. program

You must document completion of a professional degree in architecture from a NAAB-accredited program to satisfy the education requirement for NCARB certification by requesting that an official copy of your final transcript be delivered directly from the USC Registration Office to NCARB.

Download and mail the transcript request forms and any associated fee to the USC Registration Office. NCARB will only accept official transcripts submitted by the school.