Xun Liu



Xun Liu is a lecturer in Landscape Architecture + Urbanism at USC where she teaches the Landscape Media courses. She is also a Ph.D. candidate in the University of Virginia. Her research focuses on the intersection of landscape architecture, physical computing, digital representation, and data-driven design methodologies. Currently, her Ph.D. work is exploring the theory and applications of Artificial Intelligence in generative landscape design and landscape analysis.


She received a Master in Landscape Architecture with Jacob Weidenmann Prize and Irving Innovation Fellowship from Harvard Graduate School of Design, and a Bachelor of Architecture with distinction from Tongji University. Before joining Ph.D. program, she practiced at the New York City Department of City Planning, Stoss Landscape Urbanism, and Office for Urbanization at Harvard GSD. Her design practice xlstudio explores innovative design and research across multiple scales: from digital fabrication and exhibition to architectural, landscape and urban design.

Currently Teaching
  • 439
    Landscape Architecture Foundations Workshop
    Landscape Architecture Foundations Workshop

    This intensive pre-term course prepares students for their academic career in landscape architecture with a particular focus on familiarizing students with (1) the region’s ecological and cultural context; and (2) tools and techniques for seeing and representing landscape. It is structured in two parts with the first focused on field studies: both exploring the ecological and cultural landscapes of the Los Angeles region and developing field-drawing skills – perspective, depth of field, texture, tonality, sequence (etc). The second part is dedicated to developing media techniques for reading, representing and designing landscape as a dynamic medium. Particular software platforms will be stressed in order to facilitate ease of entry into the design studio curriculum (Adobe Creative Suite, Autocad, Rhinoceros, GIS).

  • 639
    Media for Landscape Architecture: Dynamic Systems
    Media for Landscape Architecture: Dynamic Systems

    In this course students will learn advanced digital workflows to conduct contemporary landscape architecture design research. A specific interest of the course is to address how these workflows address dynamic landscape systems, existing and proposed.


    In recent years, the need for advanced design methodologies has become ever more pressing as landscape projects are asked to manage—or serve as—dynamic systems. Increasingly projects must perform dynamic environmental services and/or manage dynamic risks, while still providing quality open space. To effectively navigate the multifarious requirements of these projects, landscape architects must invent workflows, specific to the challenges of each project, where specialized analyses operate alongside typical design tools. For example, to design a flood control channel they might interface various advanced real-time evaluative tools (e.g. hydraulic modeling, habitat analysis, and economic evaluations) within an iterative community-inclusive design process.

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