Vlanka Catalan



Vlanka Catalan is the principal and founder of VERB/, a creative practice based in Los Angeles, CA focusing on architecture that is both pragmatic and experiential, integrating architecture, art, graphics, and media. 

Vlanka has also taught at the University of Washington and worked as a Project Architect in both Seattle and Los Angeles where she worked on a variety of architectural typologies including architectural installations, custom residential and multi-family homes, large commercial and institutional projects within the United States and internationally.

She has won numerous awards including the AIA Certificate of Merit Award, multiple AIA Seattle Design Awards, Nisshin Kogyo Architecture Design Award, and ACSA Design-Build Award. Her research, 'Constructing Media,' examines architecture as a construct of media. As a product of her research, her work has been exhibited in Seattle and San Diego. 

Vlanka is a veteran and served in the United States Army.

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