Susanna Woo Seierup

Adjunct Assistant Professor


BA in Architecture, University of California, Los Angeles; M.Arch, Harvard University

Susanna Woo Seierup has been on the faculty at the USC School of Architecture since 2003. She has taught undergraduate design studios as well as a workshop course in architecture for non-architecture majors. She has contributed to the Global History of Architecture series as well as foreign studies programs in France and Malaysia. She is currently engaged in research and writing on historic Buddhist architecture in Korea. Her work in the office of Marmol Radziner + Associates includes The Accelerated School, a 131,000 square foot, Pre-K through 12 educational campus accommodating nearly 1,100 students in South Los Angeles, and the Altamira Residence, a 15,000 square foot family complex on a 20-acre bluff-top site. She has also been affiliated with Koning Eizenberg Architecture and RoTo Architects, Inc. Her work with these firms has been exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles and the University Art Museum at Cal State Long Beach and published extensively. Her award-winning work as a founding member of the design and research collaborative G-Force has been exhibited at the Oakland Museum of California. As an educator and a practitioner she believes firmly that critical thinking fueled by personal imperative is essential to fulfilling our social responsibility as designers.

Currently Teaching
  • 106x
    Workshop in Architecture
    Workshop in Architecture
    This course is an introduction to the processes involved in the creation and understanding of architecture. The workshop, designed for architecture minors and non-architecture majors, is a project-based laboratory involving drawing and model making, with no previous design or drawing experience needed. The course is structured around projects executed in class throughout the semester, a series of readings and discussions, visits to sites of architectural interest and a term paper. Over the course of this class, you will develop: - A preliminary architectural vocabulary - Basic 2D and 3D technical and freehand drawing skills - Basic model making skills - An understanding of the methods through which architecture communicates ideas and intentions - An understanding of the role which architectural history plays in shaping the work of contemporary architects - An understanding of how the architect conceives, creates and executes a project Most of the learning in this course happens in class, through workshop projects and through exchange of ideas with your instructor and classmates. Therefore, participation and engagement in class are required. There is a natural progression to the classes; projects and readings build upon each other. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to meet with the instructor for instructions and materials to complete the missed assignment before the next class.
  • 214bg
    World History of Architecture
    World History of Architecture
    Architecture is the product of social, cultural, religious, and political forces. Great cultures and civilizations have existed all over the world, producing not only great monuments but robust vernacular architectural traditions, closely tied to the environment and their local context, which resonate even today. This course examines the history of architecture from the Prehistoric period through the 16th century from a global perspective. Course Description: Arch 214a presents an overview of the history of architecture from the Prehistoric period through the 16th century from a global perspective. It is based on a five-part structure to ensure complete coverage. In alphabetical order, this is: (1) Africa (2) Asia (3) Europe (4) The Americas (5) West Asia. For clarity, this part of the survey will be divided into chronologically coherent groupings, related to discernable similarities, as well as three distinct sections, entitled I: The Search for Meaning in the Cosmos, II: The Rise and Fall of Empires, and III: The Age of Faiths.
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