Santosh Shahi


BS, Civil Engineering, University of the Philippines; MS and PhD, Structural Engineering, University of California, Irvine

Currently Teaching
  • 523bL
    Structural Design and Analysis
    Structural Design and Analysis
    Investigation and design of building structural systems for gravity, wind and seismic loading. Comprehensive design exploration of framing type, materials, detailing, layout, form and integration.
  • 573
    Seismic Design
    Seismic Design
    Develop informed intuition for structural lateral systems strategies and layout required for seismic design. Understand the characteristics of earthquakes and the systems that resist them. Integrate seismic design into the overall architectural design of buildings including the detailing requirements for structural and nonstructural components. (From 2012 Syllabus) "Earthquakes and how they influence building design will be the subject of this course. Students will learn about the earth science behind earthquakes and the fundamentals of the physics and behavior of structural systems designed to resist earthquake motions. System and material selection for seismic design considering the structure, façade, and nonstructural components will be explored to help the student make informed decisions about seismic design."
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