Santosh Shahi



BS, Civil Engineering, University of the Philippines MS and Ph.D., Structural Engineering, University of California, Irvine

Currently Teaching
  • 513L
    Seminar Advanced Structures
    Seminar Advanced Structures

    This seminar emphasizes the study of horizontal structures, with a focus on the integration of building systems and exploring the fit and synergy of form and structure. Develop informed intuition for structures, their response to natural forces (gravity, seismic, thermal, wind), and how structure interacts with other design issues. Identify strategies and explore issues and problems in the development of building structure systems such as design criteria, system selection, design development, optimization, and system integration. Seismic design and seismic failure will also be introduced. Learn the basics of Multiframe and LDG (Lateral Design Graph) to design for lateral wind and seismic load.

    Required text:

    Structure and Design: https://titles.cognella.com/structure-and-design-9781516522989

    Detailed information is posted at http://uscarch.com/structures/

  • 523aL
    Structural Design and Analysis
    Structural Design and Analysis
    Introduction to behavior and analysis of building structures. Structural loading, materials, and element types will be explored to understand the basic building blocks of buildings.
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