Roger Sherwood

Professor Emeritus


B.Arch., University of Oregon M.S.Arch., Columbia University Master of City & Regional Planning, Cornell University

Roger Sherwood is an architect with a practice that includes national, international, and local projects, competitions, and small private commissions. Professor Sherwood is well known for his writing and research about international multi-family housing. This work has resulted in several books including Modern Housing Prototypes, Harvard University Press, 1978, Courtyard Housing in Los Angeles, (with Polyzoides and Tice), Princeton Architectural Press, (1992), Apartment Footprints, and Apartment Footprints 2, (University of Southern California School of Architecture, 1983 & 1990), Urban Housing A Comparative Guide, Cornell School of Architecture, 1972, and numerous articles and papers. An exhibition of Modern Housing Prototypes was circulated in many US Museums and schools of architecture as a Smithsonian Traveling Exhibit. He received the Design Recognition Award from the National Endowment for the Arts for housing research in 1978.The most recent research project, an international housing database, can be seen on line at This is an open internet site of international case studies and housing data accessible to anyone with a computer. A limited edition architectural theory primer was first published in 1973 by the Cornell School of Architecture as a course reader, Principles of Visual Organization, and later by the USC School of Architecture as, Principles and Elements of Architecture. Current research and writing includes further development of the Internet site, another book about architectural theory, A Design Primer for Architects, and a comprehensive history of modern housing, A Critical History of Modern Housing.

Professor Sherwood was the director of the graduate Architecture program between 1985-88, the Director of the Overseas Study Program in France from 1995-2001, and has coordinated various studio programs during his tenure at USC. Sherwood served as the Western Regional Director of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture between 1983 & 1986. He received 3rd prize for the Broome County Cultural Center Competition (with Fred Koetter and Jerry Wells), 1968. The competition entry for the Pompidou Center in Paris was listed in, Concours International Pour La Realisation Du Centre Beaubourg; Rapport du Jury, (with James Tice) in 1971. Recent awards include an exhibit of USC student design projects at the Los Angeles Maritime Museum, Building at The Edge, 1997, and a USC Urban Initiatives Technology, Society and Space Project, a grant to develop a prototype web site about international housing.

Professor Sherwood does not currently teach, but taught design at every level. Other teaching includes a course about international housing, Modern Housing, a graduate course about the history of city form, Elements of the Urban Landscape (link to interactive site plans), and he has taught architectural history and theory courses at various levels during his teaching at USC. Modeling Architecture: A Gallery of Student Projects

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