Myrna Ayoub


B.Arch, USC School of Architecture, M.Arch, Harvard GSD

Currently Teaching
  • 102al
    Architectural Design I
    Architectural Design I
    Examine the critical role of materials and methods for the design and construction of buildings. The primary focus is on materials and systems, their properties and connections, and their intrinsic relationship to structural systems and environmental performance. Students will develop a fundamental understanding of: the relationship of materiality to construction systems and techniques, how building materials are manufactured, and how a material’s modular form, dimensions and intrinsic qualities influence the design process. Students will learn about various building systems, and how these systems assist in the expression of a design concept, through an examination of precedent projects whose design concepts were generated by material logics and systems. Students will work hands-on with building materials (concrete, wood, metal, etc.) to get an understanding of each material’s properties.
  • 105l
    Fundamentals of Design Communication
    Fundamentals of Design Communication
    This course is an introduction to the practice of visual representation and conceptual communication in the field of spatial design and architecture. Drawing has long been the notation system for re- presenting 3D ideas projected onto a 2D surface and will be explored and interrogated through a series of in-class exercises, field-trips, lectures and film screenings. Los Angeles will play the role of the subject matter, examined through various scales of representation, providing relevant material for analysis. Representational techniques, systems and types will be introduced in four parts throughout the semester: 1. Line, Shape, Composition, 2. Orthographic Projection, 3. Paraline / Oblique Projection, and 4. Experiential. Each quadrant will be capped with a cumulative assignment and a final project at the end of the semester will require the students to demonstrate a comprehensive graphic analysis and refined drawing output.
  • 106x
    Workshop in Architecture
    Workshop in Architecture
    This course is an introduction to the processes involved in the creation and understanding of architecture. The workshop, designed for architecture minors and non-architecture majors, is a project-based laboratory involving drawing and model making, with no previous design or drawing experience needed. The course is structured around projects executed in class throughout the semester, a series of readings and discussions, visits to sites of architectural interest and a term paper. Over the course of this class, you will develop: - A preliminary architectural vocabulary - Basic 2D and 3D technical and freehand drawing skills - Basic model making skills - An understanding of the methods through which architecture communicates ideas and intentions - An understanding of the role which architectural history plays in shaping the work of contemporary architects - An understanding of how the architect conceives, creates and executes a project Most of the learning in this course happens in class, through workshop projects and through exchange of ideas with your instructor and classmates. Therefore, participation and engagement in class are required. There is a natural progression to the classes; projects and readings build upon each other. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to meet with the instructor for instructions and materials to complete the missed assignment before the next class.
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