Madhu Thangavelu


Expert in the design of complex space projects, including space stations and exploratory missions

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    Space and the City: Lessons from the Future
    Space and the City: Lessons from the Future

    Space activity and space age technologies are now an integral part of, and fast becoming a positive force in city development and evolution. Space technologies are helping transform and rehabilitate old cities and their aging infrastructure too. Water and power distribution, transportation and air quality, food production, delivery and waste management, emergency health care and disaster relief all have complex interdependence through agile and advanced communications built into their vast and ever more intricate and intertwined networks. Monitoring and metering activity are all heading toward autonomy, leaving supervision and anomaly resolution as the principal tasks for human crew.

    From Archeology to Agriculture and Automobile and factory emissions, space-based technologies are changing the way we see, monitor and respond to our surroundings with agility. Remote sensing allows agile monitoring of the weather and hazards like fire and earthquakes and help to organize relief efforts in ways never before possible. Technologies like high resolution hyperspectral imaging can even access yield and spot disease burden in crop and livestock and even help to contain deadly pathogens from quickly spreading into pandemics.

    As the world population grows, so does the need for more resources and their efficient management. We will study, imagine and visualize how to imbibe and apply useful and appropriate technologies and processes of current and proposed human space activities to create more synergetic relationships between the manmade and natural environments using principles of human space activity as a guide.

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