Lauren Dandridge

Adjunct Associate Professor


BS, Northwestern University

Lauren Dandridge, LC, IESNA teaches lighting design here at USC. She is dedicated to expanding what is considered standard lighting education for architects and designers. The crux of her instruction is based on an innate desire for students to understand that without light, no one can see or experience their designs. Without light, there are no shapes, no forms, no mood. Lighting should never be an afterthought. In order to help guide students, she teaches a better understanding of the correlation between lighting, health and wellness and behavior, improved design techniques, the use of established and newer technologies, and practice at learning what light feels like. She uses small model building, detailing, real life project designing, and local lighting walks and tours and the lighting industry standard calculation software AGI32. She is an IES award willing lighting designer and recognizable figure in the local lighting community. Her projects have been reviewed and noted in LD+A magazine. She provides lighting seminars and classes at architecture and interior design firms in the greater Los Angeles area.

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