Jay Platt

Adjunct Assistant Professor


M.S. Historic Preservation, University of Pennsylvania

Areas of Focus: Modern architecture and design; local preservation policy and practice; community engagement 

I really enjoy running into former students who've pursued a preservation career path and are applying the basics they learned at USC to actually expand the horizons of our field.” — Jay Platt

As Principal Planner for the City of Glendale, Jay Platt leads the City’s historic preservation and design review programs. He’s responsible for all aspects of preservation policy and practice at the local level: overseeing guidelines and incentives; working with architects, developers, and property owners on design solutions; identifying and designating historic places and districts; educating and collaborating with residents; working with the city’s Historic Preservation Commission and Design Review Board to assess projects; speaking with the press on local preservation issues; and more. 

Platt has experience in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. He previously served as Preservation Advocate for the Los Angeles Conservancy, providing public assistance and education for preservation issues throughout L.A. County. He delivered training programs including one to help realtors market historic properties, as well as “LandmarkTHIS!,” helping non-professionals research old places and nominate them for historic designation. 

A Los Angeles native, Platt spent several years in New York City, where he worked with the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission, managed historic tax credit projects for the consulting firm Building Conservation Associates, and served as Deputy Director of the Historic Districts Council. He also taught the fundamentals of historic preservation at the State University of New York/Fashion Institute of Technology. 

Platt has spoken at conferences and professional training programs about public participation and outreach, the local preservation process, and the history of the preservation movement. He currently serves as vice president of the Society of Architectural Historians Southern California Chapter

Currently Teaching
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    Fundamentals of Heritage Conservation
    Fundamentals of Heritage Conservation
    Heritage conservation (a/k/a historic preservation) is a multi-disciplinary and far-reaching field that has evolved steadily and dramatically over the decades. Explore a range of subjects and issues that affect contemporary heritage conservation practice, including its historical and philosophical underpinnings, the role of government and individuals in identifying and protecting historic resources, and the field’s political, legal, economic, social, cultural and technical dimensions.
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