Graeme Maxwell Morland, AIA, RIBA

Associate Professor

Dipl. in Architecture, Mackintosh School of Architecture, University of Glasgow

Professor Morland previously taught at the University of Glasgow and the University of Illinois (Chicago Circle Campus). He has served as Chairman of the School of Architecture at USC, and teaches at all levels of the program, with an emphasis on architectural design and urban theory. He is currently the Director of the USC School of Architecture, Anthony A. Marnell, Spring semester program of studies, which is based in Como.Italy. Over the past 25 years, Prof Morland has served as a design consultant to various major Los Angeles offices, including association with Ellerbe Becket, Inc. for the new Helen Topping Library for the Schools of Architecture and Fine Arts at USC. He was also responsible for the design of the School’s workshop a,nd cafe, and the renovation of Harris Courtyard. Furthermore, during this period, in association with H & D. Gibbs. FAIA, Morland was appointed project designer for the new Naval Regional Medical Centre in San Diego, at that time, the largest hospital project of it’s kind in the USA. In conjunction with professional design consultation in Europe and the UK, he has maintained an active private professional practice, focused mainly on residential and neighborhood/community projects in the South Bay region of California, his portfolio now includes approx 45 completed projects to date. His work at USC includes on-going research in visual theory and graphic communication, urban light rail transportation as the new overlay infrastructure to reconnect the city, and the execution and pursuit of contemporary architectural and urban ideas in general. The Metropolitan Transit Authority has recently published a compendium of student design projects for stations on the proposed new MTA, Crenshaw- Prairie transit corridor of Los Angeles, which spans four years of design studio investigation under his direction.

Currently Teaching
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    The Architect's Sketchbook
    The Architect's Sketchbook
    The ability to sketch is the ability to visualize and transfer that vision, from your mind, to your hand, to the paper. The sketchbook is an important part of the process of design as a place to audition new ideas. Students will develop skills to observe, perceive, and authoritatively document space in order to better understand architecture and the built environment. Sites around the city that have historical or contemporary architectural significance will serve as inspiration. Course Description: The intention of this course is to enable students to develop a passion for sketching and the essential graphic skills to fulfill their aspirations. The ability to “to sketch what you see”, “to understand what you see”, and to “love what you see”, underscores the fascination and beauty of the sketchbook and the visual curiosity of it’s author. It is the sketch that enters directly into the soul of the viewer, enabling them to see everyday things, hitherto never seen before! Sketching will enrich your ability to envision your surroundings quickly, and let you share your visions with others. Sketching is very personal and you will develop your own visual vocabulary as an expression of your interest and skills. In addition to the preliminary list of principles described, each class will have one overriding rule for sketching.
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