Gideon Susman



Gideon’s mission is to enable a low carbon transition through high performance building and city design. As Director of Energy and Sustainability at tk1sc-WSP, he leads sustainable design and low energy projects, at all built environment scales, in Southern California and around the world. Gideon has led the sustainable design of over fifty buildings, including net zero energy, LEED platinum, and Living Building Challenge projects. His doctoral research, on phase change materials, resulted in an award-winning cooling system (NewMass) and he has personally managed research projects worth over $1.3 million. Gideon is passionate about making sustainable design accessible to all people and organizations that need it. In 2019 Gideon founded his own practice to address sustainability and climate justice issues in residential and non-profit sectors. He serves on the boards of the LA EcoVillage Institute and LifeKit LA, a homeless services non-profit. He has taught Sustainability and Green Construction at California State University, Long Beach and has lectured at many universities, including the University of Arizona, Woodbury University, the University of Surrey, and London Metropolitan University.

Currently Teaching
  • 515L
    Seminar Advanced Environmental Systems
    Seminar Advanced Environmental Systems
    The course is intended to give the students both a fundamental and practical knowledge of building environmental control systems and strategies in thermal, air quality, lighting, and acoustic conditions in large and small buildings. It also provides a working knowledge of many of the interrelated building systems necessary to support human physiological benefits: environmental comfort and health effects. Much of the material covered in this course will help to prepare the student in direct way for the professional building environmental design.
  • 615L
    Seminar Environmental Systems Research
    Seminar Environmental Systems Research
    Acquire new building science concepts, and experience how they impact building performance. This course introduces the concept of total building energy performance, delineating the full range of performance mandates required for today’s architecture, including building integrity. Explore the relationships, opportunities, and conflicts of the performance mandates, and the integration of building systems necessary to achieve total building energy performance. Through lectures and seminar instruction, students will develop a basis for environmental design performance and system design skills, towards creating high-performance buildings.
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