Farnoosh Rafaie



M.Arch, Harvard GSD B.Arch, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Farnoosh Rafaie is a Lecturer at the USC School of Architecture and a practicing designer at the irreverent architecture based practice Design, Bitches. A native Californian, she reaches USC with an innate interest in exploring an architecture of unique and peculiar congeries of everyday suburbia. The distinction of remarkable to unremarkable ways of living, and everything in between.

Her contributing work has been published in Detail Magazine, OBL/QUE, Pasajes Arquitectura y Critica, & Platform at Harvard GSD.

Farnoosh received her Bachelor's in Architecture from California Polytechnic San Luis Obispo and her Master’s from Harvard Graduate School of Design. 

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Currently Teaching
  • 202aL
    Architectural Design II
    Architectural Design II

    Students will build on the techniques and methodologies gained in the first-year program, while adding to them a comprehensive idea about site as a cultural and physical generator of architectural form. Students will be introduced to methods of site analysis and research, new generative drawing techniques, as well as the architectural and disciplinary conventions associated with site work.

    Prerequisite: ARCH 102bL.

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  • 202bL
    Architectural Design II
    Architectural Design II

    This is the second semester for a foundation studio course in an interdisciplinary program with the School of Engineering that first was established in the 1970’s. This three-year interdisciplinary program is based in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering Studies. This program will familiarize the student with architecture, landscape architecture, planning, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering and the related issues that contribute to the built environment for our society. It introduces the process of coordinating all of these aspects for the engineering student. 

    This course will continue to develop the student’s comprehension on the nature of contextual and organizational principles that order our surroundings, and to create an appreciation and understanding of how and why these systems are established. The objective is to expose the student to current issues related to design in architecture, and to teach the intrinsic nature of architecture developed through principles based on the design & construction process. These topics are indications of the various value systems that come into play in the contemporary field of architecture. Understanding this and becoming aware that design is a synthetic process that is a balance of many concerns is a major objective of the course.

    This course will explore contextual research and analysis introduced in ARCH 205aL in more depth, and architectural program and space planning for a modest, but spatially complex building within an urban context. These projects will continue to emphasize the design process from the initial design concept to the final building proposition. Though precedent studies, design exercises, lectures, and critiques; emphasis is placed on design as a creative, conceptually driven, iterative process; all working within the defined limits of project budgets and schedules.

    Prerequisite: ARCH 205aL

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