Edward R. ("Ted") Bosley

James N. Gamble Director

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  • Edward R. Bosley James N. Gamble Director The Gamble House University of Southern California School of Architecture 4 Westmoreland Place Pasadena, California 91103

Edward “Ted” Bosley was appointed Director of The Gamble House in 1992. In addition to his duties there, he has published and lectured widely on the Gamble House, architects Greene and Greene (who designed the Gamble House in 1908), and the American Arts and Crafts Movement. He was responsible for the planning and capital campaign for the conservation of The Gamble House, and led the team that completed that project in 2004. For more than 15 years Ted has taught the historic site management class for the USC Summer Program in Heritage Conservation. For Fall semester 2013 he will be the Arch 554 instructor on the same subject.

With Gamble House curator, Anne Mallek, Ted organized a major exhibition of the work of Greene & Greene in 2008-2009, entitled “A ‘New and Native’ Beauty: The Art and Craft of Greene & Greene,” which traveled from the Huntington Library to the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery and the MFA Boston. He is also co-editor, with Ms. Mallek, of the book of the same title, published in 2008 by Merrell Publishers Ltd. More recently he contributed an essay on the Greenes and Frank Lloyd Wright to the new book “Maynard L. Parker: Modern Photography and the American Dream” (Yale University Press, 2012). A native of San Francisco, Mr. Bosley holds an undergraduate degree in Art History from the University of California at Berkeley and an MBA from UCLA. While at Berkeley, he was introduced to the architecture of Greene & Greene while living in the William R. Thorsen house (1909).

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