Bhavna Sharma, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Pittsburgh M.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Hawaii M.A. in Art History, State University of New York at Buffalo B.S. in Architecture, State University of New York at Buffalo

Dr. Sharma’s research focuses on natural materials and how they can be optimized and adopted in construction. Her research includes development of characterization techniques to improve manufacturing methods and use in structural applications. To increase the resilience of the built environment, her research focuses on the use of engineered bamboo in a variety of applications from shells to multi-story construction. She is also interested in the use of natural fiber composites and nonconventional materials in a variety of applications. Dr. Sharma’s research spans the micro to structural scale, with focus on design, engineering and testing of non-conventional materials.

Dr Sharma has a B.S. in Architecture and M.A. in Architectural History, and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering with focus in Structural Engineering. She joined the University of Southern California in 2019.

Currently Teaching
  • 499
    Nonconventional Materials for the Built Environment
    Nonconventional Materials for the Built Environment

    This course focuses on materials science topics relevant to the application of nonconventional materials in design and engineering. This course addresses the broad range of nonconventional materials falling into three categories: i) advanced engineering materials; ii) ‘traditional’ and vernacular materials such as earth-based materials and bamboo; and, iii) historic materials.

    This is a research-driven course. Lectures are designed to provide the tools required to extend the study of materials and materials science to nonconventional materials. Assignments will generally not be arithmetic in nature but will require independent thought and will require the student to clearly communicate their findings/hypotheses/research. The course is divided into two primary segments. The “toolbox” lectures followed by material specific lectures.

  • 511L
    Building Systems: Materials and Construction
    Building Systems: Materials and Construction

    Studies of construction system development within the architectural design context; processes and issues of selection, evaluation, optimization, integration, design control, and innovation, Departmental approval required.

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