Ben 'Tekena' Koko



Tekena Koko is a Los Angeles based designer who works between arts, architecture and landscape architecture.

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Currently Teaching
  • 548
    Media for Landscape Architecture 3D Design
    Media for Landscape Architecture 3D Design

    As the second media requirement for landscape architecture, this course is aimed at introducing various physical, digital and spatial modeling methods as generative means of structuring design proposals. Through translatory processes of making – using physical, digital and durational media – students will develop techniques to explore both the expression and experience of landscape as a three-dimensional medium. The course focuses on the synergy between materiality, form, structure, surface and space, their processes of production and assembly, and the effects that the interaction between physical systems and landscape phenomena produce. The course is therefore organized into the following parts: the expression of landscape as three-dimensional form (physicality); the experience of being in and moving through landscape as a three dimensional space (immersion), tied together by the use of digital media as the means to move from physical models into spatio-temporal environments (translation). Students will gain skills in hand and digital modeling (Rhino + plug-ins), digital fabrication (3D printing, CNC milling), and animation (Lumion and similar). 

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