Andy Ku

Director, Exploration of Architecture Program; Adjunct Associate Professor

BFA, Cooper Union; M.Arch with Distinction, Sci-Arc

Andy Ku received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Cooper Union, developing his undergraduate studies towards architecture from conceptual sculpture and Swiss style graphic design. He also has a Master of Architecture degree from SCI-Arc. During this pivotal period, his work was charged by the transition of massive design tool change from a strictly analogue endeavor towards the digital. Andy is principal and co-founder of OCDC, a Los Angeles-based architectural design practice that draws concerns from the terrains of culture and technology.

Approaching materials and mediums from diverse origins, Andy's research explores cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary tendencies, connecting architecture with other vital contemporary arts and design fields for potential progress and inquiry. OCDC won four AIA Next LA awards in its first two years of operation. Since then, Andy and his office have produced numerous award-winning projects at multiple scales across continents. The work of OCDC has exhibited in Cape Town, Milan, New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Osaka, and Taipei. In conjunction with the practice of OCDC, Andy has connected professionally with various high-profile architecture firms in Los Angeles, contributing his efforts on many large-scale building typologies and planning projects. Andy has been teaching in the area of visual studies, applied studies, and diverse levels of design studio since 2003. Prior to USC, Andy has held academic positions at SCI-Arc and UCLA, cultivating a blend of research that speculates on the problem of representation and its relationship to building design.

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Currently Teaching
  • 302aL
    Architectural Design III
    Architectural Design III
    Prerequisite(s): ARCH 202bL
  • 423
    Light, Color and the Character of Material
    Light, Color and the Character of Material

    Does not require D-Clearance.

    Registration restriction: Not open to students with Freshman/Sophomore standing.

    This seminar examines light, color and the character of material as a collection of medium for making worlds. Through linking various arts and design disciplines as a departure and overview for the course subject, Arch 423 exposes students to a spectrum of approaches in theory and application, drawing influences from nature, technology, and the vernacular. Class exercises aim to develop a number of visual concerns across object-oriented analysis to atmospheric and environmental construction. In the course of employing digital and analogue techniques, students will synthesize a repertoire of advanced graphic experiments for weekly progress and learning.

  • 501
    Comprehensive Studio Support and Enrichment
    Comprehensive Studio Support and Enrichment
    The aim for the seminar is to gain a critical, theoretical, and technical understanding of the various methodologies that students will be asked to explore in the studio. Further, we will also explore the relationship between technological and cultural shifts in contemporary society. Students will work in pairs to present and lead discussions of each week’s readings in the first half of the semester. The second half will comprise of individual crits and each student will submit a 3-5000 word research paper at the end of the semester.
  • 502aL
    Architectural Design V
    Architectural Design V

    Pre-requisites: ARCH-500A and ARCH-501.

    The final comprehensive architectural project under the guidance of a faculty adviser to demonstrate architectural knowledge, skills, and professional interests and goals.

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