Alfie Koetter


BS, Urban & Regional Studies, Cornell University; M.Arch, Yale University

Currently Teaching
  • 202aL
    Architectural Design II
    Architectural Design II

    Students will build on the techniques and methodologies gained in the first-year program, while adding to them a comprehensive idea about site as a cultural and physical generator of architectural form. Students will be introduced to methods of site analysis and research, new generative drawing techniques, as well as the architectural and disciplinary conventions associated with site work.

    Prerequisite: ARCH 102bL.

  • 599
    Drawing Instructions
    Drawing Instructions

    In this seminar students will familiarize themselves with the history and evolution of the practice of architecture in an effort to better understand the significance of instruction and instructability. Students will be expected to develop a technical understanding of disciplinary graphic and annotative standards as they relate to the production of architectural construction documents as well as an intellectual appreciation of extradisciplinary methods of instruction-based production as they related to the fields of conceptual art, music and computer science.

    Lectures, readings and class-time conversations will together provide a foundation for understanding of the importance of instruction in the practice of architecture. Production-based assignments will be issued as an opportunity for students to demonstrate their technical and intellectual understanding of the subject matter.

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