USC faculty work featured in LA Times

USC faculty work featured in LA Times


Christopher Hawthorne recently reviewed Pomona College’s new Studio Art Hall, designed by wHY Architecture, which was co-founded by USC Architecture faculty Yo-ichiro Hakomori.


Hakomori was wHY's principal in charge of the $21 million project, which has LEED gold certification.


"It is rare to experience the synergy between client and architect where the work is truly a result of this wonderful relationship, a great collaborative process between the five Pomona College faculty and our office,” said Hakomori. "The connections between various departments was spatially expressed by the creation of flexible interstitial spaces, where the disciplines could work collaboratively and share common space.” Hakomori describes the building as "an art village where the disciplines are collected under one large roof reminiscent of the large, open bow string warehouses ubiquitous to Los Angeles."


The 36,000 square foot building includes studios, a lecture hall, an art gallery, offices, a faculty lounge, and a multi-purpose “Gray Space,” which Hawthorne reads to be representative of the overall architectural goals of the building:


“wHY’s design argues, in part thanks to the stylistic and other constraints the architects were operating under, that grayness as an architectural condition can be as compelling as brightness, boldness, and big gestures. It aims to find in the in-between, the undefined, the transitory and even the banal a kind of architectural staying power… The effort alone, something of a high-wire act on a narrow line connecting the bold and the value-engineered, makes the building absolutely worth visiting, despite the imperfect results.”


Read Hawthorne’s entire review here.